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Mizy AI saves you time and helps you grow fast without plus, additional work

AI is in Alpha Stage (Don’t Hunt Us yet)

You have to wait only

to try the closed beta.

It automatically helps you…
Subject Line Recommendation
Improve your open rate
No matter you write a newsletter’s or automated email’s subject line, Mizy (our AI) recommends a better version.


It will be more and more precise as Mizy learns how you subscribers engage with your contents.

Sending Time Personalization
Reach more people
Sending your newsletters and automated emails at a fixed time, even if it fits your subscribers’ timezones, won’t be effective.


Our learning algorithm collects information about your subscribers and sends your emails when they most likely will engage one-by-one.

Completely automated AB testing
Send what works
AB testing automated emails is time-consuming and exponentially grows as the number of follow-ups increases.


Automizy automatically generates B version subject lines for your emails and learns which variation chain performs better.