Analytics dashboard

See what truly counts in minutes!

No matter whether you want to see the effectiveness of your drip campaign or bulk email, you’ll know everything on our amazing dashboard instantly!

Automation Analytics.

Get information visually in just a sec like conversion rate of workflows, most engaged users, best performing drip campaign, unsubscription rate, recent activity, or detailed overview of your whole marketing funnel and more. Everything can be learned instantly. Workflow analytics gives you all the necessary KPIs and metrics you need to track in order to identify bottlenecks in your funnel and improve your overall marketing performance.

Tracking your workflows’ performance will always help you identify bottlenecks and improve the performance of your campaigns.

Bulk email dashboard

Check isntantly the conversion rate of bulk emails, best performing subject lines and contents, deliverability, list healthiness, engagement rate, open and click rate, world map and more. Everything can be learnt in just few minutes without any need of customization therefore you will be able to send highly targeted messages and increase the ROI of your email marketing campaigns.

Send highly targeted bulk emails, find your best performing contents and subject lines and easily track the healthiness of your list.

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