21+ Must-Have SaaS Marketing Tools to be More Effective

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15 saas marketing tools

Saving time, focusing on the most important tasks – this is what I call efficient marketing. In order to increase ROI of your ads, blogs, products or payment system you need to have the right tools. You can combine the SaaS marketing tools I listed below to easily harness the power of synergy and radically improve your effectiveness.

1. AdEspresso

Have you ever tried Facebook advertising?

When I started my first campaign I didn’t know that setting up and tracking my Facebook ads is such a “pain in the ass”.

It’s tiring, takes a lot of time and – maybe because of the poor UX – it’s not comfortable at all.

This solution helps you with this – setting up and tracking your campaigns with lots of variations is really easy and intuitive. You’ll certainly have your morning espresso!

2. Unbounce

Unbounce is one of the best landing page creator tools I’ve ever seen. You can set up your web page easily in just a few minutes and you can easily create different variations if you want to conduct AB testing.

This solution is truly great for lead generation: just offer free content (ebook or anything) on it and capture your visitor’s contact information in return. It’s truly one of your must-have saas marketing tools.

3. Automizy

Automizy is a super easy email marketing automation tool. Building drip campaigns take just a few minutes – so you can educate, nurture your leads and set up your user onboarding emails based on user behavior. In addition, you can send amazing newsletters to convince your prospects.

In addition, it’s about to release its artificial intelligence engine to enhance the conversion rate of your drip campaigns without any need for manual intervention for the optimization process.

SaaS marketing tools combination hint:

Create a landing page, offer a free giveaway on it (e-book or case study), drive traffic to it with Facebook ads and then nurture your captured leads with email drip campaigns.

4. Albacross

If sales are the fuel for your business, lead generation is the fuel for sales. That’s why it’s crucial for any business to generate high-quality leads. Albacross is a very powerful tool perfectly designed for this purpose.

This tool enables its users to identify their website’s visitors, get extra information on companies interested in their business such as the pages they have visited, their chief decision-makers, and the ways they can be contacted.  

And the best thing about Albacross is that it’s free.

5. Acquire.io

Acquire.io is an affordable and comprehensive customer communication platform that enables real-time customer service. Their core features are Cobrowsing and live chat. Co-browsing (a better version of screen sharing) allows the agent to get access to customers’ screen and resolve issues by giving visual instructions.

With access to chatbots, canned responses, you’ll be able to scale live chat experience – address multiple customer requests, proactively reach out to potential customers and close more deals, and solve customer questions instantly.

6. REVE Chat

REVE Chat is a multi-channel live chat software platform that offers real-time sales and support to website visitors and customers across channels such as website, social, mobile and messaging apps.

What I found interesting about REVE Chat is that it offers a combination of two powerful tools together i.e. live engagement with co-browsing & video chat along with multi-channel live chat experience across the customer’s journey.

With REVE Chat’s AI chatbots, you can automatically convert your prospects into qualified leads and also deliver a hybrid bot and live chat support at scale.

7. Zoho

I really recommend Zoho CRM. An affordable solution that makes sales reps’, HR people’s or accounts’ life really easy.

The learning curve of the platform is approximately zero. Don’t know how they do it but the interface is still fully customizable to every company’s needs. On top of everything it grows with the company and provides lots of valuable data, analytics, and information about your prospects and customers. Simply amazing.

SaaS marketing tools combination hint:

Identify your leads with Whoisvisiting and track the sales results with Zoho CRM.

8. ProofHub

ProofHub is a great tool for bringing your teams, projects and communications in one central place. The online project management and team collaboration software simplifies the way you manage your teams and run your daily tasks.

What’s really wonderful about ProofHub is that it eliminates the need to have multiple tools for managing tasks, collaborating with team members, sharing files, tracking time or keeping things organized. 

And yes, the best part is that it is available at a fixed monthly cost for unlimited projects and users. 

9. keywordtool.io

You know that keyword research is one of the most important things when it comes to blogging. This free tool is great to collect ideas.

I just type in my main keyword and it throws out lots of long-tail alternatives. It’s just simple and easy-to-use: helps me gather keyword ideas in secs.

10. Rank Tracker

I know that there are lots of solutions on the internet, like Moz for example. But still, I use this smart, downloadable tool – so this is not really part of this SaaS marketing tools’ list. But great for marketers.

This software is able to show the KEI of my keywords (that were searched by the previous tool). In addition, it shows my keywords’ rankings on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

The best thing is that it gives me an SEO overview of my blog and web pages. I like that I can easily track the changes.

SaaS marketing tools combination hint:

Insert your main keywords into keyword.io, generate lots of long-tail keywords from them. After that copy and paste those keywords into rank tracker and sort them by KEI index, competition and search volume. At the end of the day, you will have keywords that perform that best.

11. BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo is great if you want to know what type of contents the most shared are in your niche. When you write a blog article, you not only need to make it SEO friendly but to you have to make it “social media friendly” too.

You can track the most shared contents, therefore you will know which are the most trending topics. In addition, you can track mentions too.

Buzzsumo is great for promotion too but not many people know that. You can find the people easily who shared similar contents that you write – therefore you’ll be able to ask them to share yours too.

12. Co-schedule Headline Analyzer

I faced a challenge a lot of times that no matter how the blog article I wrote is good, no one reads it without a great title. I’m not an expert in copywriting, therefore, I need a tool that tells me how high the potential of click-throughs is for my upcoming post. (And yes, I used it for this article too.

It not only shows this probability but gives me hints on how to improve it. Helps and saves a lot of time – I finish my content creation process with this tool all the time.

13. Buffer

I use Buffer on a daily basis because it saves so much time for me. I connect it with my personal and with the company’s social media accounts – therefore sharing my contents throughout social media is as very easy. It is one of your most important saas marketing tools!

One of the best features of Buffer I like is that they automatically share my content when the community on a specific social media and account is highly responsive. This way I don’t have to test when is the best to tweet, post or share.

SaaS marketing tools combination hint:

Track down the most shared contents on a specific topic in Buzzsumo and write the contents that mention these. After that write the titles and headlines for your article, put them in Buffer and share it automatically at the best time period. In addition, you can ask the people who shared the contents you mentioned in your article to share your posts too!

14. Hotjar

Nice UI is nice. But it’s not enough. You need to conduct experiments to understand your visitors’ behavior and improve the experience. This is where Hotjar excels.

Collecting real-time data about a webpage’s visitors has never been easier and more intuitive. One of the best features is the heat map, which allows you to see how your visitors and prospects engage with your contents. Conversion rate optimization made easy!

15. YesInsights

When you want to gather information from you clients, it is really difficult to make them fill out your survey. Just think about it from their POV: you are asked to fill out a short survey. You click on a link in an email for example and land on a boring and long survey. You simply won’t fill it out and will never click again on any button that sais “short survey”. (You know: if a dog bites you, you’ll be afraid of the dogs – oversimplification but true in the essence.)

This is the difficulty that is solved by this smart, little, very focused tool. You send out an email, include your really short survey in the message and you can track the answers and even follow-up on the positive responders. Can’t say other: smart and easy-to-use tool!

16. Qualaroo

A really cost-effective, simple tool that gives you the chance to set up and deploy surveys in secs. You easily drill into individual responses – so you’ll always know your prospects’ behavior, needs and the upcoming trends.

17. LiveChat

Although LiveChat is not merely about CRO – you can connect it with your CRM for example – but still it can enhance the experience your visitors and clients have with you.

Yes, you can easily implement it to your website for instance and start communication with your prospects. It especially excels when it comes to selling online.

You can also send automated chat messages if your sales reps are not in range – you know, only the response time that truly counts.

SaaS marketing tools combination hint:

Track your visitors’ behavior with the Hotjar heat map, survey them with Qualaroo based on their activity. Do the conversion rate optimization process easily and contact them with LiveChat to enhance the experience even more!

18. Slack

It’s not really a marketing tool but we all know how important communication is between colleagues. Even if your team consists of only a few people…

I hated that every day I had tons of unread messages in my inbox. Well, I don’t like to use email for internal communication at all. This is one of the reasons why Slack is truly great: you can create specialized channels for specific subjects.

In addition, lots of companies develop slack bots to automate their processes. It can respond with context, give informative messages or execute routines.

19. Jira

Okay, it’s also not a marketing tool. But in my situation, I need to know what the upcoming developments are. So Jira mainly is used by agile developers but I can get lots of valuable information too.

In addition, I can easily create issues: bug fix and product development recommendations. I believe that marketers have a big say when it comes to prioritizing feature development – as we know the market the best.

20. Braintree

And eventually… the payment method for subscription fees. I can only say that Braintree is truly one of the best offers you can have. It’s not just me who says that but Tom DeSimone is on the same opinion:

“App developers would be crazy not to thoroughly consider working with Braintree Payment Solutions, and market-style businesses would be, too. These people are not only delivering a developer-friendly medium; they’re bringing ethical, transparent, high-quality processing services to the table. When you put these two attributes together, you get a solid 5-star processor. Good work!”

21. Whoisvisiting

The reason I suggest this tool is because it has a truly smart solution: you can easily find your website visitors’ company names, addresses, websites and phone numbers.

For a SaaS company, it can easily generate lots of hot leads. These leads would truly get lost if you wouldn’t have made the first step – so from now on everything depends on you: approach them with gifts (e-book, downloadable contents) or just try to sell them immediately.

22. Agile CRM

Agile CRM is an easy and powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with advanced sales, marketing, and support automation for businesses. Agile CRM is an all-in-one solution that helps your team accomplish all sales, marketing, and customer service tasks and enables consistent messaging.

Your teams will have access to all of the data they need with a 360-degree view showing contact information from every angle, including conversations, call notes, social presence, and web activity.  Plus, a built-in contact manager allows you to manage contacts in a centralized address book.  Agile CRM is part of the 500apps suite of business productivity apps.

23. JotForm PDF Editor

The JotForm PDF Editor is a simple solution for turning collected form data into professional-looking PDF documents with the ability to modify documents like contracts and invoices in just a few minutes.

This fully functional software is kept up with the latest developments that allow its users to work simultaneously, improving the progress each time a user contributes. JotForm also offers offline forms where users can fill out, and submit forms without worrying about losing any data.

24. Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking is a web-based rank tracker that has been on the market since 2002.

It is suitable for both agencies and in-house SEOs, giving you the possibility to check rankings for as many keywords as you like, on more than 3000+ search engines and you can narrow the search to a specific country, city, or even by using custom GPS coordinates.

25. Nightwatch

Nightwatch is an excellent SEO tool for those looking for a reliable and accurate rank tracker with extra features such as site auditing, tracking backlinks, and reporting.

Their intuitively-designed dashboard is completely customizable and gives you a quick overview of how your websites are performing. Overall, Nightwatch is perfect for agencies, freelancers, and SMBs focusing on scaling their business.