8 Awesome Lead Generation Examples and Tools in 2017

Lead generation is a big challenge for businesses… but it’s a must. Here are 2 well-known and 6 less-known lead generation examples with explanations and solution specific tools for you to get started today!

1. On-site retargeting – Optimonk

That’s one thing you use pop-up forms for lead generation purposes but you can easily get it to the next level.

One way you can collect contact information is to show pop-ups as exit intent is recognized. Exit intent is when visitors approach the “close” button on their browser.

As soon as a visitor starts to do it, a pop-up appears and you will have the chance to ask for the contact information simply by offering:

  • a coupon for a discount,
  • a free ebook,
  • an email course,
  • a one-to-one consultation,
  • newsletter subscription,

…or anything that works for your business.

You can also show completely personalized messages based on your blog or website visitors’ behavior.

For example, if a person visits your pricing page and checked one of your features, it is good if you offer a quick consultation, a relevant case study or course. Targeted offers will have insanely high conversion rate!

Check Optimonk



2. Email course – PageWiz

Promote short email courses that educate your audience step by step. Build a separate web page (called landing page) for this purpose and collect the subscribers there (and follow-up with automated emails).

It is important to go with the best practices when you get started. Setting up a lead generation funnel that relies on a web page and emails is like designing your product: needs to provide great user experience. The landing page templates are proven and follow the best practices – so it is a good opportunity to use them instead of building one from scratch.

Check Pagewiz


lead generation examples



3. ProductHunt – Introbar

You plan to launch your product on ProductHunt? Then you should know that it is a good thing if you offer something special for Hunters. But instead of showing this “gift” to everyone on your website you should only allow Hunters to see it.

Introbar gives you the opportunity to show a header to people who are coming from ProductHunt with a custom message.

Check Introbar



4. Videos – Wistia Turnstile

Video marketing is quite a hot topic as it makes understanding easier, can be very interesting and also funny. And you can convert leads easily by asking for email addresses if someone wants to watch your whole video!

Make your video stop just before something interesting will happen – for example just before you tell him an easy solution to a problem you described before. People love finished stories and tend to do a lot of things (like social sharing or subscribing) in order to see the outcome.

This is where Turnstile comes in: you can specify a timecode when the video stops and shows a form to your audience.

Check Wistia Turnstile



5. Facebook – Lead ads

Have you heard of Facebooks’ advertising option, called Lead ads?

You can collect contact information of facebook profiles and push the information into your email software right away.

It’s not the average advertising where you send the traffic to a separate landing page but a solution that collects information on Facebook itself!

Check Lead ads



6. Presentation – Slideshare

Creating presentations is a type of content that’s still great and especially when it comes to Slideshare that is the biggest presentation sharing platform.

You have 2 options for lead generation:

  1. Free option: You can upload your presentations to Slideshare for free and still get an awesome traffic to it. And you can easily add a link to the bio and the description that sends the traffic in question to a standalone landing page.
  2. Paid option: Like Turnstile, Slideshare supports the option to insert lead capturing forms into your slide. As a result, you can add a gate to a part of your presentation that asks for contact information.

Check Slideshare



7. Quizzes – Leadquizzes

Quizzes are still a good option for different industries to generate leads. People like to test their skills and marketers can easily take advantage of that.

But warning! Creating questionnaires that are truly engaging is challenging. You have to ask for the contact information at exactly the right time. Your quizzes shouldn’t be too easy but shouldn’t be too difficult too.

Check Leadquizzes



8. Push notifications – Pushcrew

Browser, in-app and web push notification is a relatively new channel to reach those website visitors who haven’t given you their email addresses. However, it gives you the chance to bring them back!

And what if you use it as a lead generation tool? Combined with a landing page it can easily bring back visitors so later you can convert them to an email subscriber and that is somehow a closer relationship.

Learn from the best! See how 38 experts like Adam Houlahan, Sam Hurley, Erik Qualman, Ritchie Pettauer, Mandy McEwen and Tim Hughes use web push notifications to get killer results.

Check Pushcrew



Send emails at the right time, to the right people with the right message. Get started now!

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  • Posted March 21, 2017

    Justin McGill (LeadFuze Founder)

    You can add LeadFuze to the mix as well for full outbound automation.

  • Posted March 23, 2017

    Mor Mester

    Hey Justin!
    Thanks for the comment and your suggestion. I checked out your site it seems like a great tool, congrats! (:
    Have an awesome day!

    • Posted March 23, 2017


      Thanks Mor!


  • Posted April 10, 2017

    arpita gaur

    Hi Gabor, thanks for the suggestions as I wasn’t aware of few of them. For our company AeroLeads, we actually created a custom page as we were not aware of introbar. Also isn’t optimonk a wordpress plugin ? or does it now work on other non wp sites too ?

  • Posted April 11, 2017

    Mor Mester

    Hi Arpita!

    Thanks for the comment, I’m glad we could help. (:
    Optimonk isn’t just a WordPress plugin, it’s a standalone tool, so it works with non-wp sites. Check them and ping them if you have any questions. I’m sure they’ll be happy to help.

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