deals of web tools

Top 3 places of Awesome Web Tools that Save you Money for 2017

deals of web tools

As a SaaS company grows, more and more tools are needed. As it’s nearly the end of 2016, you need to implement new solutions to get you even further in 2017. Therefore we show you 3 awesome places where you can get the necessary digital tools for your business. Yes, with discounts. Huge discounts.

SaaSInvaders: Best web tools, just for you (weekly deals on the best web apps & resources)


This place is really awesome because they have amazing weekly deals for you. You just have to register a free account and you will see the deals for the web tools!

They already featured Unbounce, Hotjar, Freshdesk and Pipedrive deals (and much more of course) and who knows what comes next?

In addition, they have a monthly secret deal too that is a special offer of a web tool. You need a Premium Membership for that but it’s not that difficult to get it: you only have to invite 2 new registrants with a specific URL.

SaaS-Invaders was just acquired by Inturact (founded by Trevor Hatfield) not long ago which is an Integrated Marketing Agency focusing on SaaS companies’ growth.

Plus fun fact: Inturact gave birth to the where you can get awesome SaaS business related contents and be part of a great community.

Check SaaS-Invaders!

AppSumo: A medley burrito of the greatest, geekiest products for entrepreneurs


I hope I don’t have to introduce Noah Kagan, a former Intel, Facebook, and Mint worker. The legend says he outsourced AppSumo’s programming part to a team in Pakistan and they finished it in a weekend for only $50.

Originally AppSumo focused on web tools, apps but later on they turned to educational materials too – so basically they introduce deals for every digitally distributable good.

If you need deals on web apps or want to learn about growth, this is one of the places you should turn to.

Check AppSumo! – Website with free resources that will help you start, run and grow your online presence

firstsiteguide is a website that provides easy to follow step by step guides and tips to help you get online and be successful – including video tutorials, niche guides and other useful resources for bloggers and webmasters who just entered the online world.

All of the resources they provide are completely free and will give you in-depth knowledge of how to succeed online. If you’re one of those people who are about to start their own online business, feel free to visit their page where they handpicked top online tools and divided them by popular sections so you can find the right one that will help you run & grow your business or startup.

Startup Stash: A curated directory of resources & tools to help you build your Startup


This place is a gold mine for fellow startuppers: curated, awesome web tools that help you get to the next level no matter your business is in early or later stage.

The orange boxes on the first screen sort the web tools to different functional categories. Although you don’t get discounts here but still, it collects useful tools to one place.

Bram Kanstein was typical Hunter on Product Hunt who posted lots of products like StartupChat on Slack, Short or Revue. He eventually decided to become a maker and collected tools into an excel sheet. After that… Well, read his own article on how it performed. It is the most upvoted Hunt on PH ever (right now it’s 7066).

Check StartupStash!

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