Email Bounce Codes: How to Reduce Soft & Hard Email Bounce Rates

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Months of preparing the products and services, and then you send emails to inform your contacts but it gets bounced. Woah! What frustration. Each bounce means your reader won’t learn about what you wanted them to see. If you’re promoting a $100 product, not reaching 20 contacts is the equivalent of $2000. That is a […]

Open That Hood Up: Introducing the Automizy Public Product Roadmap

Introducing the Automizy Public Product Roadmap

Lean. Agile. Transparency. If you’ve been around the startup ecosystem for a while you heard these phrases over and over again. People working in startups often brag about how lean and mean their processes are, their agility, and the level of transparency within and outside their organization. All of these things are great and they […]

How to Use Broadcast Emails & Autoresponders (8 Examples Included)

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As a part of my job, I get into conversations with CEOs and marketers on the topic of email marketing, and I’ve always detected a confusion between the concept of broadcast emails and email autoresponders. Implementing both is a way to reduce your workload, also each has its own special niche so it is important […]

Automizy raised 800K EUR

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We have some very exciting news here at Automizy to share. We closed our first ever fundraising round and successfully raised 800,000 EUR from Hiventures. A small step for humanity, no doubt, but a big step for us, yeah! 🙂 We will use this money to improve Automizy’s platform in three key areas: Intuitiveness: Automizy’s […]

How to Write Sales Copy for your Emails to Get Results?

how to write sales copy

I had a little talk with one of my friends a few days ago and he told me that selling is an art, especially online. But I completely disagree. Art is something that comes from the artists’ souls. If you would like to know how to write a sales copy in your emails that work, […]

How to achieve Scalable Growth with Growth Hacking & Marketing Automation

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The startup world continues to expand and it seems like companies are popping up daily. With this type of expansion, it’s only natural that there’s sort of a ‘natural selection’. And all of us who dare to hustle in this unforgiving world know of this: 9 out of 10 startups fail. But what separates that […]

How to Create an Awesome Email: Design Guide for 2017 with examples

how to create awesome emails design guide

Nowadays new means of communication pop up almost daily. And every time a new channel starts to gain popularity bloggers and marketers hop on the bandwagon and deem that the previously prevalent channel is “dead”. This was the case with email, as social media, messaging apps, and chatbots appeared people claimed that “email is dead”. […]

Email List Management Tricks: Pay less and get more out of it

email list management

Approximately 98% of your web page visitors don’t buy at the first visit? They don’t even try your free trial! Therefore, list building is crucial for most of the businesses. But the sad truth is: companies very rarely excel at this. Because tools out there don’t really empower them. For example, certain email marketing providers require […]