How to Get More Loyal Customers and Upsells with Lifecycle Emails

How to Get More Loyal Customers and Upsells with Lifecycle Emails

This is the third and final article in the series on how to increase your open, click and conversion rates with machine learning. Lifecycle emails are extremely useful to increase retention, reduce churn, create a more loyal customer base and have more successful cross- and upsells. In this piece first we take a quick look […]

How to Increase the Click Rates of Onboarding Emails with Machine Learning

This article continues with one more use case where you can take a look at how to increase the click rates of your onboarding emails with machine learning. In last week’s article, we discussed the benefits and drawbacks of split testing and the advantages of using AI-powered workflow optimization to achieve higher conversion. And to make […]

How to Increase Email Course Open Rate with Machine Learning

I think we can all agree on the fact that split testing is an effective method to find out what works best and get more out of your existing traffic. It’s extremely useful since it can be applied to a number of different things: subject lines and content of emails, landing pages, home pages, creatives […]

20 Simple SaaS Marketing Best Practices to Boost Your Business

saas marketing best practices

If you read only 1 list of SaaS marketing best practices today, this should be the one! 20 simple but very important tips to enhance your user acquisition, user retention and grow your business as a whole. 1. Avoid discounts Discounts are deceiving: usually, companies try to get more users and clients. But at the […]

Marketers Guide to Improve User Acquisition: Analytics to Track

How to improve your drip campaigns' performance

Inbound user acquisition is the process of converting visitors of your web- and blog pages into leads by asking their contact information. After that, you manage to convert them into users by giving them educational content and offering your trial to them. In order to be able to get more sign-ups for your trial, you […]

Debunking SaaS Churn Rate for Subscription Services

saas churn rate for subscription services

The churn rate for subscription services is a big deal – everyone talks about it but unfortunately, they don’t really try to summarize it in an easy-to-understand way. This is why we give you a concise overview of it and also give you awesome hints on how to reduce it. Why is SaaS churn rate […]

How to Revamp your Client Onboarding with your Email Software?


Prospect downloaded an ebook, read another piece of content, signed up for your trial, tried features, gave you the credit card, became paying client and a few months later upgraded. This is a journey of a client in a mobile app or SaaS software…  Here is a great way to track your client onboarding process […]

How to Hack your Drip Campaigns to send Personalized Content and Save Time


Using personalized content in drip campaigns is very important.  It will increase your open and click-through rates and create higher engaged lead, users and more loyal customers. But still, it is really time-consuming and boring. I show you a hack that can save you a lot of time if you want to send personalized content in […]