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The most Comprehensive Guide of Product Marketing for SaaS businesses

This product marketing guide helps CMOs, customer success managers, product, email, and content marketers at SaaS companies design their products for growth.

How to choose a marketing model, how ... 

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The Ultimate Bounce Code directory to decrease Email Bounce Rate

Although’ you know about only that your bounce can be soft or hard, it can be a dealbreaker to know the root causes of it. If you discover the reasons of your bounces, you can lower your rate ... 

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7 Must-Track KPI Examples for your Drip Campaign

Use these 7 KPI examples for your drip campaigns to increase their effectiveness. Track the value and cost of each workflow, the conversion rates, the time to conversion, the effectiveness of your ... 

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SaaS Marketing Essentials: 90 High-Quality Links to Gain Traffic

Lead generation, user acquisition, user onboarding, and user retention starts with one thing: gaining highly targeted traffic. I personally hated to search and monitor the pages ... 

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15+ Must-Have SaaS Marketing Tools to be More Effective

Saving time, focusing on the most important tasks – this is what I call efficient marketing. In order to increase ROI of your ads, blogs, products or payment system you need to have the right ... 

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How to Optimize Your Drip Campaigns with Multi-Armed Bandit Testing?

Experimenting with your content is a must-have thing if you are a marketer. But there are some cases when the well-known split testing methodology doesn’t provide satisfying results.


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Copy these 14 easy tips to improve your user acquisition process

User acquisition can always be improved. Especially with little, smart tricks. It can easily happen that you make just one little tweak and you will win a lot. Therefore I collected 14 smart tips ... 

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