The most Comprehensive Guide of Product Marketing for SaaS businesses

Product marketing for SaaS businesses

This product marketing guide helps CMOs, customer success managers, product, email, and content marketers at SaaS companies design their products for growth. How to choose a marketing model How to design your product to convert more users and clients How to scale your business when needed. Who should read this guide? This guide is intended […]

7 Must-Track KPI Examples for your Drip Campaign

kpi examples for drip campaigns

Use these 7 KPI examples for your drip campaigns to increase their effectiveness. Track the value and cost of each workflow, the conversion rates, the time to conversion, the effectiveness of your lead generation campaigns and the engagement level of your contact database! 1. Value and Cost of Leads per Drip Campaigns I could have […]

SaaS Marketing Essentials: 90 High-Quality Links to Gain Traffic

SaaS marketing essentials: links to gain high traffic

Lead generation, user acquisition, user onboarding, and user retention starts with one thing: gaining highly targeted traffic. I personally hated to search and monitor the pages where I can spread the word – so I share this database of links to save you time. This collection includes links to social bookmarking sites, guest blogging & […]

15+ Must-Have SaaS Marketing Tools to be More Effective

15 saas marketing tools

Saving time, focusing on the most important tasks – this is what I call efficient marketing. In order to increase ROI of your ads, blogs, products or payment system you need to have the right tools. You can combine the SaaS marketing tools I listed below to easily harness the power of synergy and radically […]

4 Super Effective Drip Marketing Examples to Get You Started in Just 5 Minutes!

4 drip marketing examples drive your marketing

We all know how lead nurturing helps you close more deals. Surprisingly, only a few pieces of content help you start with drip campaigns in practice. It’s strange because it is a great tool to automate your lead nurturing processes and drive your business. This is why I share with you 4 drip marketing examples in […]

How to Optimize Your Drip Campaigns with Multi-Armed Bandit Testing?

slot-machine-multi-armed bandit testing

Experimenting with your content is a must-have thing if you are a marketer. But there are some cases when the well-known split testing methodology doesn’t provide satisfying results. Therefore you need to utilize multi-armed bandit testing! Here you will get to know what it is, how is it different, when is it better, and how can […]

Copy these 14 easy tips to improve your user acquisition process

User acquisition is like porn

User acquisition can always be improved. Especially with little, smart tricks. It can easily happen that you make just one little tweak and you will win a lot. Therefore I collected 14 smart tips on how you can improve your user acquisition process. Short wins of user acquisition Short wins can be gained by little […]

4 ways to use machine learning in marketing automation

machine learning in marketing automation

Applying machine learning in marketing automation is not rocket science. It has one and only one purpose: make marketers’ life easier. It helps you focus only the most important data, performs the must-have, but repetitive todos. Therefore your scope of duties will move to a more strategic position as a marketer. I’m about to I […]