Email Marketers: Are You AB Testing Drip Campaigns?

ab testing drip campaign choice

Split testing is a great tool to get more out of your existing traffic. And there are lots of materials, posts, articles, case studies out there… And none of them mentions the importance of AB testing drip campaigns. Why? Because experimenting with automatic email follow-ups takes a lot of time, preparations and most of the […]

Stop doing email send time optimization – it’s bullshit

email send time optimization is bullshit

One of the biggest questions in email marketing automation is how often you should send emails or messages to prevent high unsubscribe rate and increase conversion rate. No surprise that email send time optimization is really important! But current solutions don’t let you do it effectively – therefore every time you spend on optimization is […]

5 Incredibly Useful Tips for SaaS Companies to Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost

reptilians-customer acquisition cost

Are your clients stupid? Are your competitors bastards? Does The Reptilian Elite want your business fail? Even if it is true (but it isn’t – not really sure about reptilians ‘thought), your saas company will not fail because of them. Blame one little number: your customer acquisition cost. Don’t believe me, eh? It is a […]

How to use email marketing automation to improve free trial conversion rates

Millions of SaaS solutions are out there – you probably have tons of competitors. Therefore it’s a great accomplishment if a user signs up for your trial. But it happens a lot of time that he uses your product once and will never log in again. Or just leaves you when the trial period is over. Email […]

5 Tips to Screw Up Your Whole Customer Acquisition Process

bad customer acquisition process

Lead generation can be challenging but converting trial users into paying clients is even more challenging! According to MarketingSherpa, a 7% conversion rate is average in SaaS businesses. But what are the key influencers of that specific number? What are the key parts of a good customer acquisition process? Here are the 4 parts where […]

What is SaaS Marketing?

what is saas marketing

I know that SaaS marketing is challenging… Why? Because it is pretty difficult to sell something that can’t be seen, that is continuously changing day-by-day, that is interesting only for people (or companies) with specific knowledge. This is why I try to clarify in this article what is SaaS marketing. Well then, what is SaaS […]

Copy&Paste This Marketing Segmentation Strategy We Use at Automizy

marketing segmentation strategy

As a marketer or growth hacker you are responsible for attracting more and more companies, generate more leads and clients. I know it’s a difficult task… althought you can increase your efficiency by utlizing a marketing segmentation strategy to segment the traffic you generated the right way. Here is our solution, this is how we […]