Lead generation with Hooks


Our meeting has just recently been ended in the office where we discussed, how important is to deal with the top of sales funnel, that’s where the first leads fall into the sales pipe and they are the ones who can be consumers later by a good chance. Yes, of course, it’s easy to say […]

My Favourite Free and Effective Tools for Lead Generation – Part 2


You might remember from my previous post that quality leads are the basis of lead management. However, one often feels that lead generation is the most daunting task ever. Let me reassure you, it’s just the opposite. In the first part of the series, I introduced various tools that, while being efficient in lead generation, […]

My Favorite Free and Effective Tools for Lead Generation – Part 1


Quality lead is essential to inbound marketing and, later on, sales. Bot how do you generate quality leads? You might remember from previous posts that you’ll need content to generate good quality leads. This, however, is not enough, you’ll also need a host of other technical tools that enable you to develop and establish your […]

Lead Generation with Content Marketing


Inbound marketing gets often, wrongly, mixed up with content marketing. These are two separate things, but the truth is that content marketing is a key pillar of inbound marketing. Basically, inbound marketing is communication through content, be it written or audio-visual.  This is more or less clear to everyone, however, fewer people know what type […]

Why You Need a Lead Generation Strategy


Good content is the basis of inbound marketing and marketing automation. Good content enables you to attract visitors to your website, who will then later turn into leads. However, you will need to generate these leads, they don’t just appear out of thin air and become customers. In order to generate leads, you’ll need content—content […]

What is a Buyer Persona and Why You Need It


Identifying your buyer persona, i.e. your target group is the basis of lead generation. We used to identify general target groups, however, this is far from being enough these days. We need real people, real target groups, real buyer personas to improve targeting. Buyer Persona The buyer persona is a member of your target group, […]

What is Lead Nurturing and How Does It Work?

Lead nurturing is basically networking, nurturing your relationships with prospective clients. Most people think lead nurturing is nothing but a series of autoresponders, however, there much more to it than that: it is a complex and intricate process. Why do you need lead nurturing? Based on surveys conducted by MarketingSherpa, 79% of leads never convert, […]

Why Do You Need Lead Nurturing?


Many people think, ‘Hey, I have visitors, customers and some income to make ends meet, so why should I even bother? My AdWords ads are running, newsletters are going, I have a steady customer flow, why do I need more tools to increase the number of customers? And why should I nurture them at all? […]