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How to Create an Email Sales Funnel (Sequence Examples Included)

Every business fantasizes about acquiring more customers every day and keeping them around for as long as possible.

But  ... 

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Small Business Email Marketing: 11 Tips, Automations & 5 Software

Deciding on what to spend your marketing budget isn’t an easy decision to make.

And the ultimate question you might be  ... 

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31 Product Launch Announcement Email Examples (+21 Subject lines)

Some product launch dates are marked in our calendar and get us hyped,  

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I’m the Head of Marketing ... 

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9 Ways to Send Customer Appreciation Emails (+19 Subject Lines)

When doing business online, you can’t shake your customers’ hands and thank them to express your gratitude.

Yet, sending  ... 

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How to Create Drip Email Campaigns – 9 Examples Included

A single email newsletter won’t make a sale for your business, as one text message won’t  

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I’m ... 

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Marketing Automation Challenges Roundup 2019

The marketing automation world is growing at a large scale. More and more people use some type of automation for repetitive  ... 

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Email List Management Best Practices (The Complete Guide)

We all have lists of our networks, whether its mobile contacts, customers or an Excel file of 1000 email contacts.

Managing  ... 

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5 Ways to Automate Your B2B Email Marketing | 16 Examples Included

If you are in the B2B field, you might have experienced dealing with long sales cycles.

It might take a lot of effort  ... 

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Turn Oops into Hurray: How and When to Send Apology Emails

Making mistakes, that is something we’re all good at.

But what to do when you screw up an email?

We’ve put together  ... 

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