3 Lead Nurturing Tips that Immediately Boost Your Campaigns

lead nurturing tips

One of the biggest challenges I see people face when they implement email marketing automation is not collecting relevant meta information. Contact tagging helps you label your subscribers based on their behavior. And it gives you the power to send targeted relevant messages! This short guide introduces 3 examples that you should implement right now. […]

Why should you Forget Double Opt In Right Now?

Why should you Forget Double Opt In Right Now

I know that there is a big debate on the internet whether companies should use double opt-in or single opt-in when someone subscribes to their email lists.  There is a huge misunderstanding about why double opt-in is used, though’… Today I’m going to explain why you shouldn’t send subscription confirmation email during your opt-in process […]

How to Protect your Marketing Emails Against Spoofing with Email Authentication

email authentication

Do you want to avoid that your subscribers’ email clients mark your newsletters and automated emails as phishing emails? Do you want to make sure that no one sends emails in your company’s name? Then set up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC as soon as possible. Or send your emails via trusted email marketing solutions. Why […]

8 Must-Have Skills for Professional Email Marketers

email marketer skillset

At first glance, email marketing seems simple. But, as you dig deeper and try to enhance your campaigns you can stumble upon challenging areas. So, an email marketer must have a diverse skill set to manage these challenges and stay ahead of the curve. Strategic Thinking Email marketing is a channel focused on emails. Still, it […]