3 Lead Nurturing Tips that Immediately Boost Your Campaigns

lead nurturing tips

One of the biggest challenges I see people face when they implement email marketing automation is not collecting relevant meta information. Contact tagging helps you label your subscribers based on their behavior. And it gives you the power to send targeted relevant messages! This short guide introduces 3 examples that you should implement right now. […]

How to Get More Loyal Customers and Upsells with Lifecycle Emails

How to Get More Loyal Customers and Upsells with Lifecycle Emails

This is the third and final article in the series on how to increase your open, click and conversion rates with machine learning. Lifecycle emails are extremely useful to increase retention, reduce churn, create a more loyal customer base and have more successful cross- and upsells. In this piece first we take a quick look […]

Debunking SaaS Churn Rate for Subscription Services

saas churn rate for subscription services

The churn rate for subscription services is a big deal – everyone talks about it but unfortunately, they don’t really try to summarize it in an easy-to-understand way. This is why we give you a concise overview of it and also give you awesome hints on how to reduce it. Why is SaaS churn rate […]

A Roadmap to Success: How to Develop a Sales Funnel for your Email Campaigns

sales funnel

Although it seems like email has been around forever, it’s still one of the most effective tools for marketing. According to the DMA 2015 Client Email Report, email has an average ROI of $38 for every $1 companies spent, and that number is only rising. In 2013, the average ROI for email was $24.93. And […]

How to Revamp your Client Onboarding with your Email Software?


Prospect downloaded an ebook, read another piece of content, signed up for your trial, tried features, gave you the credit card, became paying client and a few months later upgraded. This is a journey of a client in a mobile app or SaaS software…  Here is a great way to track your client onboarding process […]

How to Hack your Drip Campaigns to send Personalized Content and Save Time


Using personalized content in drip campaigns is very important.  It will increase your open and click-through rates and create higher engaged lead, users and more loyal customers. But still, it is really time-consuming and boring. I show you a hack that can save you a lot of time if you want to send personalized content in […]

4 Amazingly Effective Ways to Nurture Leads for Your SaaS Business


If you have a sales team that feels discouraged and revenue targets that are far out of reach, you may be missing an essential element of marketing success. The common challenge at-hand: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies are failing to convert leads into paying customers. By implementing effective lead nurture strategies, the likelihood of improving conversion rates and return […]