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saas churn rate for subscription services

Debunking SaaS Churn Rate for Subscription Services

The churn rate for subscription services is a big deal – everyone talks about it but unfortunately, they don’t ... 

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sales funnel

A Roadmap to Success: How to Develop a Sales Funnel for your Email Campaigns | Guest Post

Although it seems like email has been around forever, it’s still one of the most effective tools for ... 

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How to Revamp your Client Onboarding with your Email Software?

Prospect downloaded an ebook, read another piece of content, signed up for your trial, tried features, gave you the credit ... 

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how to improve conversion rates for your trial sign-up process

How to improve conversion rate of your trial registration process with automated emails and re-marketing?

Your application has a sign-up process. During this process, you can lose users who don’t finish your process. If your ... 

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How to Hack your Drip Campaigns to send Personalized Content and Save Time

Using personalized content in drip campaigns is very important.  It will increase your open and click-through rates ... 

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4 Amazingly Effective Ways to Nurture Leads for Your SaaS Business | Guest Post

If you have a sales team that feels discouraged and revenue targets that are far out of reach, you may be missing an essential ... 

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kpi examples for drip campaigns

7 Must-Track KPI Examples for your Drip Campaign

Use these 7 KPI examples for your drip campaigns to increase their effectiveness. Track the value and cost of each workflow, ... 

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4 drip marketing examples drive your marketing

4 Super Effective Drip Marketing Examples to Get You Started in Just 5 Minutes!

We all know how lead nurturing helps you close more deals. Surprisingly, only a few pieces of content help you start with ... 

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ab testing drip campaign choice

Email Marketers: Are You AB Testing Drip Campaigns?

Split testing is a great tool to get more out of your existing traffic. And there are lots of materials, posts, articles, ... 

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How to use email marketing automation to improve free trial conversion rates

Millions of SaaS solutions are out there – you probably have tons of competitors. Therefore it’s a great accomplishment if ... 

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