marketing segmentation strategy

Copy&Paste This Marketing Segmentation Strategy We Use at Automizy

As a marketer or growth hacker you are responsible for attracting more and more companies, generate more leads and clients. I know it’s a difficult task… althought you can increase your efficiency by utlizing a marketing segmentation strategy ... 

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marketing software pack

The Killer Marketing Software Pack You Should Have if You Are a SaaS Startup

There are lots of companies out there who are growing rapidly. Zendesk, Box, Atlassian are performing amazingly. We know that they have really good offers, products and marketing strategies.

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4 + 1 simple steps to design an astonishing lead generation funnel for your SAAS B2B startup

4 + 1 Simple Steps to Design an Astonishing Lead Generation Funnel for your SaaS Startup

There are lots of companies all over the world that have really amazing services, software and offers. They researched their buyer personas, they know the pain points of their prospects and they have just the right product to help them.

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Beginners Guide to Marketing Automation

Do you remember the moment when you started walking? I don’t, but it seems so easy, thus we all probably suppose that it really was as you just need to put your foot on each other. Sure?

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Pay Attention to The Following When Creating Your Newsletter Template

As you probably know the foundation of a great email campaign is a good newsletter. A good newsletter is basically a well-written advertisement that you can send out regularly to your newsletters` subscribers.

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Here’s How to Send Your Emails Once Again to Get a Higher Open Rate

Perhaps, you also were in the same boat when you created your newsletter with great passion and enthusiasm and it didn’t bring the expected result, the rising open- and click-through rates.

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Email Marketing Strategy – Why Is It Necessary?

Although we have been talking about email as a marketing tool for 20 years, sadly it is still not used broadly. Many people think that its time is just simple over or it could not fit other trendy marketing channels.

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The Spiritual world of Spam filters – Part 2

It’s time to post the second part of the last week post, where I was introducing you to the spiritual world of spam filters, so please fasten your seat belt and let’s carry on!

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The Spiritual World of Spam Filters – Part 1

As this blog is about email marketing and we assume that email marketers or those who interested in the topic are reading it, we thought it would be good to have a look and elaborate Spam filters from their perspective.

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Where Do They Click Most Often in a Newsletter?

We all know that most people click on the links first. Despite knowing this, the place of these links or pictures in order to increase awareness is not clearly known. However, there is a method to find out where people most often look and focus ... 

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