lead generation funnel

Lead Generation Funnel Hack: The Buyer Converter Concept for SaaS!

You check your metrics and you see that your stats are around the benchmarks. But you are a startup, aren’t you? You ... 

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Fast growing SaaS company

SaaS Startup Growth: Break Your Product into Pieces to Grow as fast as Never Before!

A few weeks ago I spoke to a SaaS company that offered a CRM system. They had a problem: it was very difficult to convert ... 

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SaaS startup business model

The Three SaaS Startup Business Models That Work – Pick One and Avoid The Graveyard

It doesn’t matter whether you want investment or you bootstrap, as a company owner you have to decide which is the right ... 

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4 + 1 simple steps to design an astonishing lead generation funnel for your SAAS B2B startup

4 + 1 Simple Steps to Design an Astonishing Lead Generation Funnel for your SaaS Startup

There are lots of companies all over the world that have really amazing services, software and offers. They researched ... 

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3×3 WordPress Plugins for Awesome Lead Generation

Perhaps, one of the most challenging job for marketers is to generate leads, especially at the very beginning. Most of ... 

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effective lead scoring with automizy

Increase the sales efficiency with lead scoring

Does that ring any bell to you when you see something in the shop window and you want to have a look at it closer, so ... 

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5 Best Practices for a Successful Call-to Action (CTA) for Lead Generation

What is CTA and why is it essential for lead generation? 

Nowadays a sentence became one of my favorite and even a mantra in our office at Automizy... 

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Lead generation with Hooks

Our meeting has just recently been ended in the office where we discussed, how important is to deal with the top of sales ... 

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My Favourite Free and Effective Tools for Lead Generation – Part 2

You might remember from my previous post that quality leads are the basis of lead management. However, one often feels ... 

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My Favorite Free and Effective Tools for Lead Generation – Part 1

Quality lead is essential to inbound marketing and, later on, sales. Bot how do you generate quality leads? You might ... 

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