SaaS startup business model

The Three SaaS Startup Business Models That Work – Pick One and Avoid The Graveyard

It doesn’t matter whether you want investment or you bootstrap, as a company owner you have to decide which is the right go-to-market solution for you. Choose wrong and you will fail. So here you is your chance: read the 3 types of solutions and ... 

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marketing software pack

The Killer Marketing Software Pack You Should Have if You Are a SaaS Startup

There are lots of companies out there who are growing rapidly. Zendesk, Box, Atlassian are performing amazingly. We know that they have really good offers, products and marketing strategies.

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Niche Market

Targeting a Niche Market – How Startups Grow from an Early Stage?

You may have heard a lot about marketing funnels, and how you can design it. But a startup not always has budget for marketing and usually targets a niche market that can’t be reached with traditional tools. Here is the inverted marketing funnel ... 

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4 + 1 simple steps to design an astonishing lead generation funnel for your SAAS B2B startup

4 + 1 Simple Steps to Design an Astonishing Lead Generation Funnel for your SaaS Startup

There are lots of companies all over the world that have really amazing services, software and offers. They researched their buyer personas, they know the pain points of their prospects and they have just the right product to help them.

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Beginners Guide to Marketing Automation

Do you remember the moment when you started walking? I don’t, but it seems so easy, thus we all probably suppose that it really was as you just need to put your foot on each other. Sure?

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cart abandonment

How to Lure Back Cart Abandoners with Newsletters?

In today’s post, you’re going to read about abandoned shopping carts. We’re going to give you some tips to regain them back to shopping with the help of newsletters.

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Where Do They Click Most Often in a Newsletter?

We all know that most people click on the links first. Despite knowing this, the place of these links or pictures in order to increase awareness is not clearly known. However, there is a method to find out where people most often look and focus ... 

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automated emails in marketing automation

There is No Marketing Automation Without Automated Email

Why do I say this? As everything has a beginning and an end and somehow need to start off from alpha to omega, and it doesn’t work differently in marketing automation either. The foundation of marketing automation is nothing else than the ... 

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effective lead scoring with automizy

Increase the sales efficiency with lead scoring

Does that ring any bell to you when you see something in the shop window and you want to have a look at it closer, so you go in and just right at the door the shop assistants turn up from a sudden, asking if they can help and persuading you ... 

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What is Lead Nurturing and How Does It Work?

Lead nurturing is basically networking, nurturing your relationships with prospective clients. Most people think lead nurturing is nothing but a series of autoresponders, however, there much more to it than that: it is a complex and intricate ... 

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