Lead Generation Funnel Hack: The Buyer Converter Concept for SaaS!

lead generation funnel

You check your metrics and you see that your stats are around the benchmarks. But you are a startup, aren’t you? You should have much higher stats, shouldn’t you?! Here is an approach for funnel optimization that can produce crazy numbers. Introducing the lead generation funnel concept. Optimization starts after big traffic is generated, doesn’t it? […]

SaaS Startup Growth: Break Your Product into Pieces to Grow as fast as Never Before!

Fast growing SaaS company

A few weeks ago I spoke to a SaaS company that offered a CRM system. They had a problem: it was very difficult to convert their leads into paying customers. I’m sure you have similar difficulties, therefore, I share a solution with you that helps sell complex or/and highly-priced solutions and creates more satisfied customers… […]

3×3 WordPress Plugins for Awesome Lead Generation


Perhaps, one of the most challenging job for marketers is to generate leads, especially at the very beginning. Most of the times they don’t even know what to do when a business starts. Owners, bosses and the sales team are always there giving marketers a pain in the neck as they all want the same. […]

Increase the sales efficiency with lead scoring

effective lead scoring with automizy

Does that ring any bell to you when you see something in the shop window and you want to have a look at it closer, so you go in and just right at the door the shop assistants turn up from a sudden, asking if they can help and persuading you to buy something? It […]

Lead generation with Hooks


Our meeting has just recently been ended in the office where we discussed, how important is to deal with the top of sales funnel, that’s where the first leads fall into the sales pipe and they are the ones who can be consumers later by a good chance. Yes, of course, it’s easy to say […]

My Favourite Free and Effective Tools for Lead Generation – Part 2


You might remember from my previous post that quality leads are the basis of lead management. However, one often feels that lead generation is the most daunting task ever. Let me reassure you, it’s just the opposite. In the first part of the series, I introduced various tools that, while being efficient in lead generation, […]