Here’s How to Send Your Emails Once Again to Get a Higher Open Rate

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Perhaps, you also were in the same boat when you created your newsletter with great passion and enthusiasm and it didn’t bring the expected result, the rising open- and click-through rates.

Unfortunately, it occasionally happens and the numbers won’t increase equally despite the amount of energy that has been put into a newsletter creation.

However, it’s not the right time to lose heart as there is a solution to it!

And it is to send your email campaign once again.

I know, it’s where the following question comes: they didn’t open it in the first time, why would they open it in the second time? This is exactly the reason why sending again campaigns is fairly difficult, but not impossible.

What kind of tricks can be used to resend your campaigns without being them observed by the addressees? Let us help by sharing some of our tips with you:

1, Be careful

First of all let us be clear on one thing. You have to be very careful with the resend as we cannot really say that your letter has not been opened due to lack of time, or they just simply didn’t interested in it.

 2, Resend the most important campaigns only

Do not send out all of your campaigns again in any way. It wouldn’t just be nerve-racking, it also could lead your subscribers against you in a very short period of time. Just think about, what would happen if you kept receiving the same unopened messages over and over again.

Therefore, think over your campaigns. Pay attention and send out only those which are cannot be missed out to increase visitors or revenue for you.

3, Play with the subject line

The subject line importance is not negligible at all as its job is to raise the addressees’ awareness and encourage them for opening your letter.

Nevertheless, if the subject line didn’t work for the first time what would make us think it will in the second time?!

Let us tell you that unfortunately it won’t, so it requires changes as well!

Rewrite the subject line of your letter then send it again. One way could be that you edit it with such encouraging words like “reminder” or “last chance”. You certainly must use such encouraging content in order to get them to open your letter promptly. However, be very careful with misleading subject lines as you would only deceive your readers and they possibly reward you with unsubscribing from your list.

4, Try to resend it in other time

You would not even think it, but the simplest reason could be that you didn’t send your letter out in the right time and that’s why it has not been opened.

In our days, spending the newsletters in early hours is the most commonly used way. As this thesis started to lose its validity you should try to resend your letters in a different time. Test different times to find out which is the most ideal to your target group.

However, bear in mind that at least 2 days need for getting certain opening data because it’s the time rate for deciding that they interested in about your offer or not.

So, being patient is a major factor as well.

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