4 Amazingly Effective Ways to Nurture Leads for Your SaaS Business


If you have a sales team that feels discouraged and revenue targets that are far out of reach, you may be missing an essential element of marketing success. The common challenge at-hand: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies are failing to convert leads into paying customers. By implementing effective lead nurture strategies, the likelihood of improving conversion rates and return […]

How to use email marketing automation to improve free trial conversion rates

Millions of SaaS solutions are out there – you probably have tons of competitors. Therefore it’s a great accomplishment if a user signs up for your trial. But it happens a lot of time that he uses your product once and will never log in again. Or just leaves you when the trial period is over. Email […]

What is SaaS Marketing?

what is saas marketing

I know that SaaS marketing is challenging… Why? Because it is pretty difficult to sell something that can’t be seen, that is continuously changing day-by-day, that is interesting only for people (or companies) with specific knowledge. This is why I try to clarify in this article what is SaaS marketing. Well then, what is SaaS […]

SaaS Startup Growth: Break Your Product into Pieces to Grow as fast as Never Before!

Fast growing SaaS company

A few weeks ago I spoke to a SaaS company that offered a CRM system. They had a problem: it was very difficult to convert their leads into paying customers. I’m sure you have similar difficulties, therefore, I share a solution with you that helps sell complex or/and highly-priced solutions and creates more satisfied customers… […]