The role of Big Data in email marketing

The Role of Big Data in Email Marketing

The role of Big Data in email marketing

In the past few years, Big Data became a fancy buzzword, but it couldn’t make a place for itself in email marketing. Yet. In turn, it can contribute to its effectiveness.

So what does Big Data mean exactly? Big data is a so big and changeable dataset, which develops extremely quickly, but managing and processing it can’t be done by simple manual handling.

Most of the times there is a misconception in the heads regarding big data. The notion is, as it written in its name, that it’s an awfully big dataset and therefore it can occur only in big companies. So others don’t need to deal either with this concept nor the arising data.

Most answer to the following question “Why don’t you use your available data for segmenting in the newsletter campaign?” what we usually receive is a shocking “But we haven’t got these kinds of data!” answer.

Sure? Nope! In addition, these days anyone who presented online has these data, and moreover most of the times the data is created just by itself either visiting a website or signing up for a newsletter.

It’s getting more difficult to accost with newsletters and to reach the subscribers because they are getting mass emails with mass content day by day. However, this is why Big Data could be our help in the future too.

Thanks to the gathered data, email marketers will own such data what helps sending personalized, bespoke newsletters.

What kind of data could be available in an email campaign? Right off the bat, there is the email address and the subscriber’s name. The conclusion can be made from them and segments can be created according to these data.

If we go one step further, and in the course of signing up we ask for more than the above mentioned, such as address, sex, and age we then we will have more available data. Of course, anyone can say that nobody will give out such personal information. That’s why need to create such a hook, what worth to provide the asked information for.  What the hook should be is another story. Let’s back to data.

If we already know this basic information about our subscribers, then let’s go further with one another step and examine the antecedent of the website’s visitors. We know that cookies are our help in this. When, and what kind of pages the user visited and what has been left on the basket, etc.? These are information where even Google Analytics can be enough help to understand them.

But when all this data merges and creating a huge set, and can’t be interpreted just by ourselves, that’s the time when we need to automate the marketing, and necessary to use and install a marketing automation software.

So why analyzes of data is so essential? It’s to avoid bombing the subscribers with mass emails in the future. Instead, it helps the marketers to create newsletters with personalized and unique content. It is also essential because by the time, it will be more difficult to break out from the ads’ clutters and the cost-effectiveness and efficiency will be remained as keywords later on as well.

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