Why You Need a Lead Generation Strategy

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Good content is the basis of inbound marketing and marketing automation. Good content enables you to attract visitors to your website, who will then later turn into leads. However, you will need to generate these leads, they don’t just appear out of thin air and become customers.

In order to generate leads, you’ll need content—content that will serve as bait for your target group. More often than not, the main problem is that you don’t have the slightest clue as to where to start with content and lead generation, especially if you are just starting out.

No worries, though, as a result of Automizy’s team brainstorming sessions we present you with a quick lead generation strategy, an out-of-the-box solution to start generating content and leads.

1. Make a Plan

Plan each and every step in detail. Identify your goals. Make these goals measurable, in order to be able to follow-up on the efficiency of your strategy. Identify your content strategy. Try to come up with content attractive enough for the target group that you can generate in a cheap and quick manner. Set up your Buyer Personas (click here to find out who the Buyer Persona is).

2. Create

Now that you are done with the preparations, let’s get down to business! Generate some content. The basis of lead generation is a lot of good, high-quality content. Identify the types of content you are about to generate, the frequency of generation and, of course, the channels you are going to use. Finally, get down on your butt and start generating content. Make sure to generate content that attracts visitors, generates leads from these visitors and turns these leads into customers.

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3. Spread the word

Identify marketing channels you are going to use while spreading your content. Create a content calendar and schedule when, on which day, what, where and at what time you are going to publish. Use search engine optimization to help people find your content. Remember to use e-mail marketing, for it plays an immense part in lead nurturing.

4. Get hold of them

Take your visitors and convert them into leads. Create a bait, a product they can download, sending them even deeper down the sales channel. Create a landing page and a form they need to complete for each bait, i.e. each product to download. Remember, your objective is to get hold of your visitors, therefore do not enable them to download the documents before obtaining their e-mail address first. This way, you can start lead nurturing straightaway.

5. Measure and analyze

Measure and analyze the KPIs you identified as part of Step 1. Review your statistics, draw the consequences and act accordingly. Make sure to consider:

–          the source of leads, i.e. where your visitors come from and what content they consume the most;

–          which topics/posts have the highest view rate;

–          what type of content can generate leads from visitors.

6. Optimize

You’ll need to measure the KPIs to optimize your campaigns. If based on the analysis, you think you’ve done your best but you still don’t get the results you need, try to think about whether there’s room for improvement, or you might even consider canceling the campaign as a whole. Sadly, we all need to do this sometime.

Who would have thought one needs to prepare so much to generate leads? This is exactly where strategy comes in, as you’ll need to pay attention to such detail to generate leads efficiently.

I do hope you’ve found this article helpful. If you have, share it with others, spread the word!

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