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Higher Conversion. Less Struggle.

A.I. powered email marketing automation that saves time and increases conversion rate.

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The old way

70% of your time spent on lead and client acquisition.

With Automizy

30% of your time spent on lead and client acquisition.

Give amazing experience and gain unbelievable results

Build fully personalized journeys in Automizy visual workflow editor. Send your emails based on data and subscriber behavior while keep the human voice your prospects and clients deserve

Why Automizy?

Mizy (our A.I.) is the first on the market that is able to automatically improve the performance of your campaigns.

Running AB or Multivariate tests for your automated emails was difficult, time-consuming and not really brought the results you want – until now: Introducing Artificial Intelligence powered Optimization that automatically tests the subject line and content variations of your autoresponder and follow-up emails.

More Opens & Clicks

More Goals Achieved

Higher Engagement

Integrate with your existing apps!

















What people say about Automizy

“It’s cool and so easy to use! We use it for user onboarding, created a fine-tuned workflow with it. We have very good results with Automizy.”

– Laszlo Varga, CEO of SimpleWP

“They are my favourite goto team when it comes to drip campaign for clients. The icing on the cake is the AI driven timing of the follow-up emails which is something unique (at least I haven’t senn anybody else doing it).”

– Akos Tolnai, Founder & CEO of Abilitymatrix

“I’m using Automizy for the marketing automation of my side project, and it work quite well. Easy to use form and workflow editor, no-bs dashboards. Thanks guys!.”

– Attila Szigeti, COO of Startup Studio Drukka

“I’m a huge fan of Automizy and I recommend their tool to anyone trying to bring his e-mail marketing campaigns to the next level.”

– Peter Medgyesi, Founder of Instalent

Use Cases

Increasing the Monthly Recurring Revenue strictly relies on your Customer Acquisition Cost, Churn Rate and Customer Life Time Value. Automizy helps you get more subscribers, more trial users and more loyal customers via behavior-based messaging.

Handling your clients’ email marketing and reporting to them separately is a must. With Automizy you can handle every account of your clients and give them access separately with different permission levels to report transparently.

Send fully customizable, easy-to-build, amazing emails to your subscribers. Build powerful automations to increase engagement. Connect your existing forms easily via Automizy Autodetect solution.

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