Learn the key challenges micro and
small businesses face when they use
marketing automation, how they
handle these challenges and what
advice they have for beginners.

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The marketing automation world is growing fast. More and more marketers use automation for repetitive marketing tasks to increase productivity and consequently revenue. 
However, even as technology changes and evolves, people working with marketing automation have similar challenges as they did 5 years ago.

What’s Inside

In short

Insights, stats, and advice based on research

The distribution of industries, company sizes and positions among marketing automation users

The marketing automation challenges and advice of 100+ marketers


Challenges of marketers in different industries, company sizes, and positions

Charachateristic challenges marketers face and how they relate to each other

Marketing automation advice by experts


Reasons why some companies still don’t use marketing automation

Why would these companies consider to start using marketing automation


This report contains answers from influencers and experts like Ed Fry, Aaron Krall, Alex Rangevik, Jon Buchan, Sampath, Chris von Wilpert, Gilles DC, Trevor Hatfield, Justin Wu, Hailey Friedman, Jason Quach, Jonathan Aufray, Yam Regev, Sam Hurley, and Louis Grenier.

Participants came from high-growing SaaS companies like Sumo, Hotjar, HireVue, and Hootsuite. As well as lots of early-stage startups and large corporations like Nokia and GE.

1. Find out the challenges of Marketing Automation

Learn from professionals, tackle the challenges and avoid the pitfalls of automation.

2. Gather Marketing Automation advice from experts

Don’t do the same mistakes over and over again. Learn from the advice of experts and grow faster.

3. Put your newfound knowledge into action

All these insights will help you become a marketing automation pro and increase the ROI of your campaigns.

About the Author

Mór Mester

Head of Marketing at Automizy

Mór is a talented, enthusiastic digital marketer who’s always aware of the latest marketing trends. If there’s a project or challenge, it’s certain that he handles it well and reaches the desired outcome.​

He’s eager to learn more, improve himself and everybody around him. He makes us get the best out of ourselves and always thinks positively. A true teamplayer with amazing skills.