Why SMBs trust Automizy
to thrust their marketing forward

Automizy is the most intuitive email marketing automation platform specially designed to fulfill the needs of SMBs.
We give you all the tools to get your thrust together and grow.

Thrust Issues

Large corporations have leveraged marketing automation platforms since their inception. Early solutions were, and still are, robust, feature-rich, complex and expensive for smaller businesses.

While large corporations chalked up their marketing gains, SMBs floundered behind. Even today, only about 50% of SMBs leverage the latest email marketing automation solutions to drive growth. The companies that don’t use marketing automation leave tons of potential business on the table.

Where Thrust Happens

We designed Automizy for small and medium businesses that want an intuitive, ingenious and insightful platform that allows them to easily create, execute and measure campaigns.

Our affordable and easy-to-use platform is perfect for any small or medium business that wants to thrust forward their marketing now. We realize you already have a ton on your plate, so we’re put in the most important stuff and ripped away all the complexity.

“Easiest drip campaign creator I have seen thus far. The process is very fluid and easy to navigate and flows seamlessly.”

Sid Menon
Product Report Specialist, Capterra

Our satisfied customers tell us they started generating new leads, better conversions, and improved sales almost immediately after beginning with Automizy.