Mizy's Free Email Subject Line Generator

Mizy writes high-performing subject lines based on the copy of your email, that engage with your customers.

Mizy: "Why I turned down HubSpot?"     "The death of Facebook ads" "How to reduce churn rate?" "Who else wants higher MRR"

Mizy head

The next "Big Thing" is here

Mizy will make your marketing copy amizying

Problems that everybody wants to solve with AI

save time

More time for actual marketing

Harness Mizy’s power to fuel your AB tests, Resend campaigns or automated emails. No more writing blocks, just higher open rate in no time.

make money

Higher open rates = More money

Better subject lines mean higher open rate. Higher open rate means higher click rate. Higher click rate results in more conversions which result in higher revenue. It’s that easy.

human like

AI + Marketing Language = Mizy

Mizy is a world-leading AI that runs on real deep-learning and natural language generation algorithms. The subject lines it writes sound as if you wrote them.

How it works

Step 1: Copy & paste your email content.
Step 2: Let Mizy read and analyze it.
Step 3: Copy, like and use the subject lines you prefer.


Yes, you can use it, just click on the “Try Beta” button and let Mizy do the rest. 😉

Yes, it is. How else could we fake subject lines for randomly inserted email copies? Our AI research team sends you their best wishes.

Because it is still in testing phase. There might be bugs and issues that need to be sorted. If there were no people who provide feedback, how could we do it?

For now, just copy & paste your emails from your ESPs and take advantage of the subject lines Mizy recommends you. Later, we will add this feature to the Automizy email marketing platform that makes you an open rate guru.

Not right now. Mizy is still learning. But naturally there will be other use cases: it will write and optimize ads, headlines and call to action buttons for you.

Apply for a case study!

Be among the first 2-3 companies who try Mizy trained on their own historical data and increase their overall open rate!

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What do you get from this case study?

We train Mizy on your own historical data so it will generate subject lines based on your subscribers’ behavior

You get a huge discount for the Automizy email marketing platform

Appear as the key part of a new era and movement: AI powered marketing technology

Plus we’ll send your team a nice Automizy T-shirt 🙂