Mizy’s Free Email Subject Line Tester

Improve your open rates by testing your subject lines before hitting send.
This AI-powered tool grades your subject lines based on data from over 1 million campaigns.

Stop Jumping Tabs!
In Automizy the scoring is built in.

Why should you use a Subject Line Tester?

After talking to hundreds of marketers, we know that creating content is the most time-consuming marketing activity. And when your subscribers don’t open your emails your time and energy go to waste. That’s unacceptable!

To combat this, we developed Mizy: an Artificial Intelligence that tests your subject lines and gives you tips based on real campaigns. So you can:


Drastically increase the open rates of your email campaigns.


More email opens result in a higher click-through rate.


A higher click-through rate gets more subscribers to your web pages.


More subscribers on your pages increases the revenue from campaigns.

Do you want people to read your emails? Or will you let your emails get lost in your subscribers’ inbox?

how does mizy work

Our AI, Mizy is continuously analyzing thousands of email campaigns. Unlike other subject line Testers, she doesn’t decide your scores based on benchmarks, fake “best” practices or old case studies. She actually gives you feedback based on the actual result of real campaigns.

benefits of using MIZY

More subscribers will open your emails

More eyeballs on the content of your emails

Higher conversion rate

higher revenue from email campaigns