Email Marketing Automation Platform with AI-powered Marketing Assistant.

Convert more subscribers to loyal customers by utilizing the power of AI:

Smart segmentation
Personalized workflow building
Monthly performance reports

Take a step ahead of your competition NOW:

Email marketing
automation you’ll love.

14-day free trial. No credit card required.

You have the business concept, we have the solution

Automizy Is Not Only A Software with a great feature set. It’s a Solution that does everything
instead of you but strategy and decisions.

First, let Mizy know  some important information about your business & industry.


If you give access we’ll do the data migration & segmentation for you.


Mizy helps you build personalized workflow sequences that serve your business concept. Mizy will  also monitor your workflows and optimize it so you’ll reach the largest ROI.


You’ll get comprehensive performance reports every month includes personalized optimization advice.

Would you like to see
AutoMizy in action?

Automizy is already changing the Lifes of Marketers

Imagine that you don’t need to spend hours building workflows, setting up A/B tests or figuring out new subject lines.
With Automizy you can forget doing such boring and timewasting tasks:

You won't import
the database.

You won't set up the
logic and targeting in the

You don't do conversion
optimization and A/B

You don't waste your time
creating reports and
Because Automizy Does It All For You
Automizy enables you to concentrate the strategy instead of sitting in front of a software doing operative settings. The result?

More Opens & Clicks

More Goals Achieved

Higher Engagement

Don’t waste your time 
with boring operative work.

Start your TRIAL Today
14-day free trial. No credit card required.

4 Examples Of Automated, Predictable
Email Marketing Campaigns

1. Welcome email sequence
for newsletter subscribers
Most companies don't even send automated welcome emails for newsletter subscribers. Building this message sequence takes only minutes and provides you with lots of useful information.

Tagging newsletter subscribers helps you send more personalized emails to increase engagement rate.

2. Ebook downloaders followup sequence
Free ebook downloading is the most popular giveaway opportunity and also the first step in the sales cycle.

Building an ebook followup sequence helps you

1. increase the rate of ebook downloaders
2. segment them by engagement rate
3. prepare them for taking the next step in the sales funnel

3. Automation for webinar attendees
You are working hard to get your ideal customer to attend your webinar. They are interested in your topic and open to more information.
Why don't you push them to the next level? Sell them other product in your sales funnel!

You can segment your attendees and send a notification to your sales team via Slack to contact the HOT LEADS.

4. Onboarding sequence for trial subscribers
More customers from trial subscribers. This is the goal, right? If you have a SaaS product you know how important the WOW moment is.
In a trial onboarding sequence you can send automated educational email with 2 goals:

1. Help your users experience the WOW moment as fast as possible.
2. Push them to the paid version.

Make your wokflows fully automated with powerful integrations

What Clients say about Automizy

“It’s cool and so easy to use! We use it for user onboarding, created a fine-tuned workflow with it. We have very good results with Automizy.”

– Laszlo Varga, CEO of SimpleWP

“They are my favourite goto team when it comes to drip campaign for clients. The icing on the cake is the AI driven timing of the follow-up emails which is something unique (at least I haven’t senn anybody else doing it).”

– Akos Tolnai, Founder & CEO of Abilitymatrix

“I’m using Automizy for the marketing automation of my side project, and it work quite well. Easy to use form and workflow editor, no-bs dashboards. Thanks guys!.”

– Attila Szigeti, COO of Startup Studio Drukka

“I’m a huge fan of Automizy and I recommend their tool to anyone trying to bring his e-mail marketing campaigns to the next level.”

– Peter Medgyesi, Founder of Instalent

“Our first 5 email campaign with Automizy got us 47 customers worth $1500.
We can already see that it’s a powerful, easy-to-use solution worth using.
Automizy quickly became a productive tool in our stack that’ll we continue to increase our sales in the long run.”

– Barbara Garai, rendi.hu

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“…this email course made me realize that 
I can pay less while have much better results…”

Patrick Smith

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