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Tool meets know-how:

Smart email automation
for your SaaS company

The old way

70% of your time spent on lead and client acquisition.

With Automizy

30% of your time spent on lead and client acquisition.

User Onboarding Automation

Track your users’ activities by adding tags if an event is triggered and send automatic emails by using API calls. Build drip campaigns on your onboarding messages for better results.

Automated Lifecycle Emails

Automate your marketing and sales funnels in our easy-to-use workflow editor in minutes. Tag your leads as they go through your workflows and contact them at the right time with the right message.

Disruptive solutions with A.I.

Take advantage of the newest technologies that save you time and decrease your costs. Be part of the journey which changes the way we think about Marketing Automation today!

Our clients

“Used for years with great satisfaction, I can easily recommend it!
Corporate sales manager
Hotel Europa fit **** superior
“Automizy is a very useful and user-friendly tool, with a helpful and flexible team in background.
Head of Marketing
Genertel Insurance Inc.
“Automizy is a flexible, well-built, easy to use marketing automation software.
Marketing director
National Textbook Publishing Inc.

Behaviour based user onboarding emails

Track your users and send event triggered emails with API calls!

Personalized buyer journeys

Send the right message, to the right person, at the right time with easy-to-use drip campaign editor!

A.I. for drip campaign optimization

Optimize the A/B/N versions of your drip campaigns automatically!

Actionable KPIs on one screen

Analytical dashboards will show you all the most important metrics you need to drive your business!

Send bulk emails easily

Build or import your html emails in minutes, send and track the results!

Automated split testing for your bulk emails

Set the percentage of your list for experimentation and Automizy sends the better performing version automatically!