Improve your Open Rate by 34%

Automizy is an Email Marketing Software that is designed to increase your open rates.


Success Stories

Applixure, an IT monitoring system, used Automizy to transform their email open rate, by setting up automated emails, testing email subject lines and segmenting contacts. In 5 months, the Applixure team celebrated a 205% increase in open rates.
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Kuber Venture
The challenge for Kuber Venture was that email marketing was time-consuming, and requires prior experience. Using Automizy changed their perspective as they could segment contacts, run AB tests, and send campaigns in a matter of minutes. Kuber Ventures experienced an overall +33% higher open rate using Automizy, just in 3 months.
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Ritual Network
Ritual Network, a full-service digital agency found that Automizy is the solution to establish a better customer relationship. By the end of their first 6 months using Automizy, Ritual Network increased its open rate by 97% by leveraging the benefits of automated emails, AB testing, and more.
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Számlázz is an online billing program that was looking for a solution to onboard their users and set up nurturing campaigns. In an effort to strengthen their customers’ loyalty, using Automizy, Számlázz achieved a massive increase in their email open rate, reaching 400% in growth only in 6 months.
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By giving you all the necessary tools to make it happen.

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Essential Email Marketing Feature Set

Send campaigns, build automations, create forms, manage your contacts. You’ll get everything you need to reach your email marketing goals. All this delivered on an intuitive interface.

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Proven Email Marketing Best Practices

Increase your open rates with built-in best practices. Create email automations, automatically resend campaigns to non-openers, save time with email templates and automation blueprints.

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Improve Open Rate with Artificial Intelligence

Get scores for your subject lines before sending. Predict subject line performance based on data from over 1 million campaigns. AB test automated emails. Write up to 4 subject line variations and let our AI optimize.

Combine them and watch your open rate rise!

The Easiest Automation Builder You Have Ever Seen

We greatly simplified building email automations to speed up your work. You’ll get a fully integrated visualization board that will lead and inspire you to create high-performing email automations.

With Automizy, you’ll create and execute higher-performing campaigns in less time for better results.

Create effective,
high-performing emails.

With the “drag & drop” email editor, anyone can create high-performing emails.
No programming skills required.

We’ve got everything you
need in Email Marketing.

Our tools and services will increase your open rates.

  • Deep Analytics
  • Contact Management
  • Smart Lists
  • API Connection
  • Zapier Integration
  • Form Builder
  • Form Autodetect
  • Free Migration Service
  • Drag&Drop Email Editor
  • Visual Automation Builder
  • Smart Conditions

Connect any tool you use

Create your free account and increase your email open rate!