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Higher Conversion. Less Struggle.

A.I. powered email marketing automation that saves time and increases conversion.

The first 14 days are on us, no credit card is required

The old way

70% of your time spent on lead and client acquisition.

With Automizy

30% of your time spent on lead and client acquisition.


Win users and revenue by giving exceptional experience to your prospects automatically!


Bring back users who are slipping away when they are ready to get started with your app!


Send automated emails based on in-app activity and truly personalize your offers!

Why is Automizy better?

Mizy, our Artificial Intelligence sends and optimizes your autoresponder and drip emails for you:

  • Specify custom goals for your automations
  • Set N versions of your emails in your drips and autoresponders
  • Let Mizy do the Optimization tasks automatically for you

More Opens & Clicks

More Goals Achieved

Higher Engagement

Integrate with your existing apps!

















We Love Our Customers!

“The Automizy team is really driven, have expert knowledge and I always learn something new from them. I admire their amazing email campaigns (and read every email!!!!) and frequent their blog featuring rare quality content.”

– Milena Mitova, Founder of CampaignTrackly (Digital & Automation Marketer)

“It’s cool and so easy to use! We use it for user onboarding, created a fine-tuned workflow with it. We have very good results with Automizy.”

– Laszlo Varga, CEO of SimpleWP

“They are my favourite goto team when it comes to drip campaign for clients. The icing on the cake is the AI driven timing of the follow-up emails which is something unique (at least I haven’t senn anybody else doing it).”

– Akos Tolnai, Founder & CEO of Abilitymatrix

“I’m using Automizy for the marketing automation of my side project, and it work quite well. Easy to use form and workflow editor, no-bs dashboards. Thanks guys!.”

– Attila Szigeti, COO of Startup Studio Drukka

“I’m a huge fan of Automizy and I recommend their tool to anyone trying to bring his e-mail marketing campaigns to the next level.”

– Peter Medgyesi, Founder of Instalent

AI beats AB tests all the time

Optimize the A/B/N versions of your drip campaigns automatically!

Build amazing, personalized journeys

Send the right message, to the right person, at the right time with easy-to-use drip campaign editor!

Send emails based on in-app and web page activity

Track your users and send event triggered emails with API calls!

In-Depth analytics for bulk and automated emails

Analytical dashboards will show you all the most important metrics you need to drive your business!

Send bulk emails easily

Build or import your html emails in minutes, send and track the results!

Automated split testing for your bulk emails

Set the percentage of your list for experimentation and Automizy sends the better performing version automatically!