Be simple, be professional
and have fun

Same business, same difficulties.

We face the same challenges as you. We know it’s difficult sometimes, especially when we are talking about client acquisition, retention and upsells.
So this why we are specialized in small business Marketing Automation: we want to help you guys out there, do tests and give you only the best solutions and help you win against the two big business monsters (high uncertainity and fast-changing markets). Your success is our success.

Our mission

We strongly believe that founders and marketers do a lot of repetitive, time-consuming tasks.
Our mission is to build the world’s most easiest Marketing Automation Platform including the power of AI so it saves a huge amount of valuable time and makes the marketing camapings more effective at the same time.We develop a Marketing Automation solution that helps you achieve your business goals faster while reduce the struggle you face during the execution process of your campaigns. Higher conversion rate, less struggle!