About us

Be simple, be professional and have fun

Same business, same difficulties

We are a SAAS startup, so we face the same challenges as you. We know it’s difficult sometimes, especially when we are talking about client acquisition, retention and upsells. So this why we are specialized in small business marketing automation: we want to help you guys out there, do tests and give you only the best solutions and help you win against the two big business monsters (high uncertainity and fast-changing markets). Your success is our success.

Here we are

We are startuppers who love their jobs, eager to learn continuously and get the work done. We have our main office in New York but the development HQ is in Europe, in Hungary – the country of good wine, spas and Goulash.

Gabor Koncz

CEO, Founder

Gabor has 10+ years business experience in marketing automation. In addition, he is a marketing consultant and helps companies GE Money and Bridgestone in the CEE region and for DHL in the US.
He is also a serious golf addict.

George Reti

CTO, Co-Founder

George firstly was tempted by the endless opportunities of the PHP language, later he got into a close relationship with JavaScript. Later on jQuery drew him towards front-end development, creating web applications. After work he usually throws himself into the stirring nightlife.

Dominik Sagi

Back-end, Co-Founder

Dominik started with PHP programming language in elementary school. Later on he turned to Java as well. A real back-end developer: a short-spoken, introverted person who is always thinking before acting. He likes swimming very much.

Abel Enekes

Front-end developer

Abel is the youngest member on the team, he’s still at university but works eagerly after classes. He likes his studies, unfortunately it’s easy to convince him to play video games or to work out instead of learning.

Viktor Egri

CMO, Co-Founder

Viktor started to learn inbound marketing methodology right after graduating. He is eager to learn more and more about digital marketing. In his free-time he plays the guitar in a rock band and likes rock climbing as well.


Chief Automator

Mizy is your own personal robot who helps you automate your email marketing with his smart, built-in knowledge. Just buy giving him the right instructions, he’ll work for you while you are working, sleeping or having a party.

Our story

The core team of Automizy started Protopmail email marketing SaaS 10+ years ago. Protopmail currently serves the most of Fortune 500 companies in the Central European region. Our founder & CEO, Gabor is email marketing and marketing automation consultant at these companies.

In 2015 the core team was looking for further challenges because the market was small for the company. We created a spin-off project called Automizy.

And we did a lot of customer development, coding, customer development, coding over and over again…

…and now we are actually combining Artificial Intelligence with Marketing Automation tools.

We did not raise external money yet, we are growing organically and we have cash only from our customers, so we can survive only if our customers are happy. Therefore: If you are a small business founder or marketer, we want to make you happy and successful too. Your success is our success!

Our values

We strongly believe that founders and marketers do a lot of repetitive, time-consuming tasks. But via different applications of Artificial Intelligence it can be helped and improved!

We develop a marketing automation solution that helps you achieve your business goals faster while reduce the struggle you face during the execution process of your campaigns. Higher conversion rate, less struggle!

Are you a marketer or a business owner? Not sure what marketing automation is and why it is important to your SaaS company? This ebook gives you a complete overview of the indispensable elements of your online marketing and how you can automate your processes in order to increase your marketing efficiency! Start with the basics, grow fast and scale to the next level!

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