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Data Synchronization with API

Back in the old days, only high-end software was able to connect with another software and share data. These days it’s kind of a basic requirement, since technology is always developing, ... 

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He wrote his first ‘Hello World’ back in high school, since then he’s been writing brackets and semicolons obsessively all the time. First he was tempted by the endless opportunities of the PHP language, later he got into a close relationship with the open and spectacular world of JavaScript. The handy options jQuery provides totally drew him towards front-end development, creating web applications makes a lot of joy for him up to this day.

As CTO he’s doing all kind of technical stuff beyond software development, he’s the connection between customer service and the developer team. Actually, he’s converting customer feedbacks to Jira issues 🙂

When he’s not coding, he throws himself into the stirring nightlife of Budapest.