Lead generation with Hooks


Our meeting has just recently been ended in the office where we discussed, how important is to deal with the top of sales funnel, that’s where the first leads fall into the sales pipe and they are the ones who can be consumers later by a good chance. Yes, of course, it’s easy to say […]

What is Lead Nurturing and How Does It Work?

Lead nurturing is basically networking, nurturing your relationships with prospective clients. Most people think lead nurturing is nothing but a series of autoresponders, however, there much more to it than that: it is a complex and intricate process. Why do you need lead nurturing? Based on surveys conducted by MarketingSherpa, 79% of leads never convert, […]

Why Do You Need Lead Nurturing?


Many people think, ‘Hey, I have visitors, customers and some income to make ends meet, so why should I even bother? My AdWords ads are running, newsletters are going, I have a steady customer flow, why do I need more tools to increase the number of customers? And why should I nurture them at all? […]