How to Create Drip Email Campaigns – 9 Examples Included

Drip campaigns illustrated with examples

A single email newsletter won’t make a sale for your business, as one text message won’t convince your crush to go on a date with you. Automated email drip campaigns have been proven to perform better toward reaching your business objectives, for example: to effectively nurture your leads, communicate regularly with your customers, increase sales […]

Email List Management Tricks: Pay less and get more out of it

email list management

Approximately 98% of your web page visitors don’t buy at the first visit? They don’t even try your free trial! Therefore, list building is crucial for most of the businesses. But the sad truth is: companies very rarely excel at this. Because tools out there don’t really empower them. For example, certain email marketing providers require […]

Marketers Guide to Improve User Acquisition: Analytics to Track

How to improve your drip campaigns' performance

Inbound user acquisition is the process of converting visitors of your web- and blog pages into leads by asking their contact information. After that, you manage to convert them into users by giving them educational content and offering your trial to them. In order to be able to get more sign-ups for your trial, you […]

4 Super Effective Drip Marketing Examples to Get You Started in Just 5 Minutes!

4 drip marketing examples drive your marketing

We all know how lead nurturing helps you close more deals. Surprisingly, only a few pieces of content help you start with drip campaigns in practice. It’s strange because it is a great tool to automate your lead nurturing processes and drive your business. This is why I share with you 4 drip marketing examples in […]