Local Email Marketing Guide for Small Businesses and Retailers

Email marketing gives you an opportunity to speak directly to your consumers. It enables you to contact them at any time, regardless of when they last stepped foot in your store.  The potential return on investment for email marketing is massive. Here are some stats: On average, email marketing brings in $38 in revenue for […]

Email List Management Best Practices (The Complete Guide)

We all have lists of our networks, whether its mobile contacts, customers or an Excel file of 1000 email contacts. Managing email lists take some effort and time to keep your contact database organized. So how can you organize your email database in a way that saves your time and help you send emails to […]

How To Use Multiple Email Lists The Right Way

use multiple email lists

One of the most crucial parts of email marketing is contact management. And using lists is the traditional way of differentiating between your subscribers. But, there are certain pitfalls you should avoid to provide a better experience for your subscribers. I’ll tell you a short story about it, so you can see it for yourself. […]

How to Implement Email Marketing for a B2B company [Step-by-Step]

implement email marketing

Do you use email marketing at your company? Are you utilizing this fundamental way of bringing in more new leads and customers and keep existing clients? I see lots of smaller B2B companies not taking advantage of the marketing opportunities that new tools offer. Not applying marketing channels with high return on investment (ROI) can […]

Stop doing email send time optimization – it’s bullshit

email send time optimization is bullshit

One of the biggest questions in email marketing automation is how often you should send emails or messages to prevent high unsubscribe rate and increase conversion rate. No surprise that email send time optimization is really important! But current solutions don’t let you do it effectively – therefore every time you spend on optimization is […]