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Personalized buyer journeys

Setup your drip campaigns in 5 minutes.

Automate your whole marketing easily!

In our workflow editor you can easily setup your automatic email marketing machine. Triggers like form submission, email open, link click, have a tag, API-calls enable you to send your emails for the right person at the right time with the right message. You can easily segment your leads according to their behaviour with conditions like opened email, clicked a link, have tag, on a segment and more.

Communicating the right material to the right person at the right time means much higher conversion rates that results in more closed deals.

Get started in 5 minutes!

You will get 9 email drip campaign templates with 30+ prewritten and easily customizable emails after registration. This way you can launch your automation faster and see the value in the MA system in just few minutes.

Take advantage of the built-in drip campaigns and emails to get started in just a few minutes.