5 Ways to Automate Your B2B Email Marketing | 16 Examples Included

5 Ways to Automate Your B2B Email Marketing Automizy article featured image

If you are in the B2B field, you might have experienced dealing with long buying cycles.  It might take a lot of effort from you to maintain communication with your leads.  So: how can you scale the process of communication with your leads from nurturing to closing the sales?  Email marketing could be one of […]

What Email Marketers Need To Know About Content & Vice Versa

what email marketers need to know about content

Today’s social media-driven world is a noisy place – so much so that email, by comparison, is a relative place of quiet. While it may seem old-school, creating powerful email marketing campaigns remains a crucial marketing strategy for online businesses. In fact, email occupies a unique position in the realm of content marketing today, bridging […]

How To Use Multiple Email Lists The Right Way

use multiple email lists

One of the most crucial parts of email marketing is contact management. And using lists is the traditional way of differentiating between your subscribers. But, there are certain pitfalls you should avoid to provide a better experience for your subscribers. I’ll tell you a short story about it, so you can see it for yourself. […]