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How to Increase the Click Rates of Onboarding Emails with Machine Learning

This article continues with one more use case where you can take a look at how to increase the click rates of your onboarding emails with machine learning.

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How to Increase Email Course Open Rate with Machine Learning

I think we can all agree on the fact that split testing is an effective method to find out what works best and get more out of your existing traffic. It’s extremely useful since it can be applied to a number of different things: subject lines ... 

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slot-machine-multi-armed bandit testing

How to Optimize Your Drip Campaigns with Multi-Armed Bandit Testing?

Experimenting with your content is a must-have thing if you are a marketer. But there are some cases when the well-known split testing methodology doesn’t provide satisfying results.

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14-marketing-experts on AI in MA

14 Marketing Experts’ Opinions on How Artificial Intelligence Could Be Used in Marketing Automation

While Artificial Intelligence is conquering the chatbot world, something similar is happening in the Marketing Automation industry too. Innovative, new technologies are appearing day by day that reinvents the way we – marketers – ... 

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machine learning in marketing automation

4 ways to use machine learning in marketing automation

Applying machine learning in marketing automation is not rocket science. It has one and only one purpose: make marketers’ life easier. It helps you focus only the most important data, performs the must-have, but repetitive todos.

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Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Automation

Optimize your email follow-ups automatically: introducing Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Automation

As we discussed before, it is difficult to test how frequently you should send your follow-up emails. In addition, it is nearly impossible to AB test your drip campaigns and your emails in it.

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email send time optimization is bullshit

Stop doing email send time optimization – it’s bullshit

One of the biggest questions in email marketing automation is how often you should send emails or messages to prevent high unsubscribe rate and increase conversion rate. No surprise that email send time optimization is really important!

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