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Optimize your email follow-ups automatically: introducing Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Automation

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Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Automation

As we discussed before, it is difficult to test how frequently you should send your follow-up emails. In addition, it is nearly impossible to AB test your drip campaigns and your emails in it.

Now – as we promised – we share an easy solution. Introducing artificial intelligence for marketing automation that is an automatic solution for drip campaign optimization. This is the last article of our 3 part blog post series.

What is the problem with drip campaign optimization?

It is a challenging task for marketers to optimize their drip campaigns because current solutions out there don’t really support it.

A/B testing a drip campaign was a time-consuming process: you not only needed to plan the process, the execution was a real nightmare. The current marketing automation software’s don’t have the right solution for you: therefore you needed to create (at least) 2 versions of the drip campaign, pay attention to send enough traffic to both of them, evaluate the results and continuously pay attention to the significance to make a real decision yourself. In addition, A/B testing your emails in your drip campaign was nearly impossible… Performing tests like this are really challenging because of the time it requires from you.

And what if you want to play with the sending frequency of your drip campaigns? Lots of questions are arising on this topic: for example, how often you should send emails to your leads and clients. There are different answers, best practices, and usually, you get hints such as take your offer’s price and the length of your sales cycle in consideration.

An A.I. driven solution that optimizes everything automatically for you

In the chatbot world, artificial intelligence changes the whole industry right now. The same is happening in the world of artificial intelligence for marketing automation too – although it’s not that noisy yet.

Reinventing marketing automation is actually happening. The first step of this process is helping you optimize your drip campaigns for higher conversion rate to increase your ROI.

You need to do only 4 things:

  • Setup your drip campaign
  • Create your A/B/N versions of your emails
  • Choose the time period you want your emails to be sent
  • Choose a conversion goal (such as you would do in Google Analytics for events)

And that’s all!

Thereafter everything is handled by the artificial intelligence. It will test your drip campaign as more and more leads are going through it. On top of it, it continuously optimize to have higher conversion rate for the goal you picked previously. Yes, without any need of manual intervention from you.

  • Conversion goals can be really anything:
  • open rates, clicks
  • form submissions on a landing page
  • started trial
  • payments
  • and so on.

In addition, the A.I. will automatically stop your drip campaign if your lead or customer reaches the defined goal. (Only if the conversion goal is not repeatable in a drip campaign, such as payment or starting trial.)

Basically, the A.I. will handle everything on autopilot: sending time frequency, AB testing your workflows and your emails in your drip campaign.

Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Automation: just the first step 

Automatic drip campaign optimization makes marketers’ life easier but it is just really the first step. Big brands don’t have the chance to break up with the traditional Marketing Automation solutions. It’s because radical changes would increase their churn rate. They simply can’t afford to do that.

That is why big companies are afraid of startups, that can change the fundamental, basic approaches on the market – no clients, no business constraints. Disruptive companies are able to change the market by reinventing the industry with their innovative, new approaches.

Marketing automation is going through the same transformation nowadays. After automated optimization the next steps can easily be with the help of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Optimizing the whole messaging system of a company (not only email campaigns but multi-platform communication)
  • Writing email copies
  • Providing predictive analytics (this is actually existing right now)
  • Smart lead scoring
  • Automated segments
  • Controlling your software with speech recognition
  • …and more.

Moving marketers to a more strategic position

Technology not only helps you gain more clients but fundamentally changes how you use a tool… and what is your job as a marketer. The same applies here too – Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Automation is nothing more than a tool that makes your life easier.

It helps you focus on the most important things: like understanding your market, have a more informed decision on changes or save cost by smarter budget planning.

Therefore it will empower you to move to a more strategic position. Instead of wasting your time on the daily routine with tons of repetitive and boring todos, you will be able to have a higher influence on the whole business you are in.

Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Automation: The journey is just about to start…

Reinventing marketing automation is a challenging task but lots of companies understand the importance for marketers and for businesses. So it is happening and will change the way we use MA systems fundamentally.

Automizy’s first step on this path is announcing the A.I. driven, automatic drip campaign optimization feature. It’s in alpha stage yet, but very soon we’ll release our closed beta.

So, we would be really pleased if you could tell us your opinion, feedback in the comment section about our upcoming feature.

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