14 webinar invitation email examples blog post graph

14 Webinar Invitation Email Examples | Email Sequence Included

14 webinar invitation email examples blog post graph

Webinars allow marketers to present information in a more digestible format to their audiences.

No geographical barriers apply for webinars, you can reach and open-up to new business opportunities around the world.

Turning your webinar registration into attendees and leads isn’t easy. That’s why it’s crucial to create a solid webinar email campaign from day one.

In this article, we’ll help you create the best webinar email sequence by:

What to Include in The Webinar Invitation Email?

Before sending out invitation emails, make sure you have the technological background set up. At the very least you’ll need webinar software to be able to host one.

Webinar invitation emails are all about making it easy for people to say yes and see what the value is for them.

Here are all the must-include ingredients in your webinar invitation email:

  • WHAT: Your webinar title
  • WHEN: Time of the webinar (date, time and duration)
  • WHO: Introduce the people presenting, guests, hosts, etc.
  • HOW: Calls to action to register (buttons, links, etc.
  • WHY: What value and learning outcomes are you offering your attendees.

Yes, you need to mention all the smallest details about the webinar:

  • Required skills,
  • If there will be a Q&A or not,  
  • Speakers biography and their achievements, and
  • Any relevant information you want to provide.

How to Create Webinar Announcement Email Sequence

To send personalized messages to your webinar attendees on a scale. You’ll have to create an automated email sequence.

The best part?

You can create an email sequence in 4 steps.

Step 1: Choose when to trigger your emails

In Automizy, you can create personalized and automated email workflows that can get triggered when a contact:

  • Gets added to your webinar email list,  
  • Submits a registration form on your website,  
  • Clicks a link in an email, or  
  • Gets a tag.

First thing first, you need your choose your triggers and select when you want to send your emails.

Triggers allow you to start email automation and apply actions to your subscribers.

Use triggers to follow-up to previous engagements from contacts and achieve your webinar goals.

Step 2: Create an automated webinar email sequence

Email marketing automation allows you to send personalized email messages on autopilot.

Apply waiting periods between your email series. You don’t want to send all 3 or 4 emails in the first 24 hours.

Step 3: Apply conditions to save your time

Suppose you triggered to send the first email of the webinar sequence when a contact fills a form. You send them a confirmation email to verify their registration within 48 hours.

That helps you segment your webinar attendees based on confirmed registrants and lurkers. Then automate the rest of the webinar email series based on it.

Important: Apply a “wait period” before you set your condition.

Give your contacts some time to interact with your email. It will also help you to be more accurate when it comes to segmentation.

After the promised confirmation period, apply the condition “Has clicked a link in email” and split your automation for the two branches, “Yes” branch and “No” branch.

After the first email that includes a CTA to confirm the registration, apply a condition to segment those who confirmed and those who didn’t.

Users go on the “Yes” branch if they’ve clicked on the confirmation CTA in the first email. In this branch, contacts receive a webinar confirmation email with further information.

Also, a reminder email on the day of the webinar to make sure they attend it.

Contacts who did not confirm registration, receive a different email with dates of the upcoming webinar.

That is one simple webinar email sequence from Automizy. It is completely customizable and you can always adjust it to your webinar goals.

Step 4: Segment your email list with contact tagging

When creating your webinar email workflow use contact tagging to segment your contacts.

Contact tagging is the behavior-based information you add to your contacts data such as:

  • Attended a specific webinar,  
  • Downloaded a specific ebook,  
  • Subscribe for an email course,  
  • Became a lead, etc.

Here are some use cases on how to use contact tagging in email automation software.

To avoid spamming your subscribers create a tagging action that puts an “active” tag on the contacts when they are triggered.

At the end of the automation, remove the “Active” tag and apply two different tags for contacts who attended and who didn’t.

Tagging helps you:

  • avoid spamming your subscribers,
  • know what type of content interests them,
  • segment them according to their behavior, and
  • identify their life-cycle stage.

So now after applying all the 4 steps. The webinar email sequence from Automizy should look like the following.

25 Webinar Email Subject Lines

293,6 billion is the expected number of sent and received emails per day in 2019. Wow right? For that, you must make sure that your webinar email stands out in the crowded inbox and you can do this by writing an enticing subject line.

Since your email subject line is your primary source of open rates, here are 25 best subject lines for webinar email invitations.

  1. Don’t miss out on this month’s webinar
  2. Don’t get lost on [date]
  3. Your Instagram feed will be full of this in X days
  4. This webinar will have your LinkedIn circles talking
  5. 5 things to prepare to [webinar name]
  6. Join all major influencers of [topic]
  7. Meet the speakers of [some really desired subject]
  8. Almost sold out
  9. Last chance:
  10. Grab your VIP ticket and watch the official
  11. Almost out of free places
  12. First out: [speakers’ names]
  13. Have a 1-on-1 with [speaker]
  14. [Webinar name] [webinar date]
  15. Are you ready for [event name]?
  16. Find out all of [speaker]’s secrets!
  17. Did [performer] just put [performer B] to rest?
  18. They smashed it last time, want to be part of something great
  19. Free Webinar: [insert webinar name]
  20. Last day to register for our free webinar!
  21. [Webinar Name] is selling out!
  22. Reminder, join us at [webinar name]
  23. Don’t miss out this [month]
  24. Meet us at [webinar name]
  25. Reserve your seat for [webinar name]

14 Best Webinar Email Template Examples

Webinar event invitation emails

1. Short copy webinar invitation

A two column layout for this training invitation email. Showing the topic, time and a CTA on one side and the presenter on the other.

Followed up by sharing extra information and a second different color call-to-action button.

Actually, that can be a good element to A/B test for the upcoming webinar email reminders.

2. Animate your webinar invitation emails with GIFs

Today, GIF is the language of choice for any millennial. Most marketers speak the new ‘GIF Language’ to draw attention to their emails and boost click-through rates.

Animated Gifs add an element of delight to a campaign that isn’t possible with static email designs.

Adweek uses a perfect animated GIF to their webinar invitation email template. They use an on-brand red call-to-action button in their email design.

3. Include question to resonate with your audience

Listrak used colorful webinar announcement email template. In the email, they included questions that they will answer during the webinar.

Your audience can relate to one of the questions in the email and that triggers interest to take part and get the value you are providing in your webinar.

4. Use different call-to-action buttons

Short & minimalist copy. The title, time and date are well placed.

What is remarkable in this B2B training invitation email is the CTA at the bottom of the email ‘will you attend’. It’s a nice alternative to repeating the CTA ‘register now’.

5. Do not leave any useful information behind

Just like the GDPR as a topic, this webinar registration email design from Leanplum is a bit sharp too.

It is not colorful or attractive, although the structure of the invitation was right on target.

The information in the email makes the webinar invitation a complete package. Well-used high contrast CTA buttons are exceptional.

6. Add a unique logo for your webinar

B2B conference invitation email sent by Unbounce stands out because of its distinctive logo. Unbounce hosted B2B workshops to cover various marketing topics.

The logo itself makes the workshop have a long-lasting impact on readers mind.

7. Include video in your webinar invitation email

A Facebook training webinar email invitation example, from Billy Gene, makes good use of a funny video they used as their email image.

The webinar information they include in the email is consistent as well.

  • Capture your attention with some humor  
  • Mention the exact date and time of their webinar  
  • Add two call to actions (check out the video or register)

By adding these components, you’ll create a sense of urgency and excitement that translates into an increase in signups.

Webinar confirmation email

8. Confirm webinar registrations

As soon as the attendee signs up for the webinar, you should send a webinar confirmation email to inform them that the reservation is successful.

Make sure to include a:

  • Add to calendar link
  • Refer a friend’ link
  • Cancellation link in case an attendant changed his or her mind.
SamCart webinar confirmation email template

Webinar reminder email

9. Include your presenters’ photos

By providing photos of the people involved in a webinar, Typecast makes the design of this webinar announcement email example appealing. The way they’ve formatted their email is also helpful — everything you need to know at a glance.

Including the image of your webinar presenter can result in higher webinar registrations.

10. Create a sense of urgency in your reminder email

If the thought of writing a webinar email gives you lost thoughts, the following email template example should inspire you.

He starts out by sharing when the webinar is and creates a sense of urgency (a few seats left).

From there, the reminder email contains a short description of what attendees can expect.

He follows this up with a reminder that there are limited places. And follows up with this statement:

“It’s time for you to start living life on your own terms.” That is a bold statement and it caught my attention too.

11. Send a last webinar reminder email on the moment you’re LIVE

Some webinar attendants might turn up for your webinar at the moment it starts, and others might get caught in something else and forget about it.

Sending a last webinar reminder email when your webinar starts, works as a last minute reminder to increase the number of your attendants.

Mindvalley Academy webinar reminder email sample

The whole point of this last webinar reminder email is to drive attendants, so make sure you include your live webinar link.

Post-webinar follow up emails

12. Present your product/service through a post-webinar email

SamCart in their post-webinar follow-up email used a plain text design.

Your marketing qualified leads (MQL) are probably sales qualified leads (SQL) after your webinar. Use post-webinar follow up emails to present your product and invite your attendees to take action. Here is an example to see how SamCart did it.

SamCart webinar follow up email design sample

The first part of the webinar email design is plain text. More marketers tend to use plain text emails because it is faster to load, casual, friendly and motivates contacts to reply.

Right after, a screenshot of the webinar with Brian’s face so the webinar attendees recognize him.

SamCart webinar follow up email design sample

13. Send webinar replay link

Segment your webinar email list to divide your webinar registrants into groups based on their activities. It will help you deliver different content for all segments.

This means that you can send an email to those who watched your webinar live with an offer.  Or instead, you can email to those who missed your webinar with a link to the replay.

This “Sorry, we missed you” email template example from Mindvalley Academy Masterclass contains their webinar replay, including 4 call-to-action links and a video.

Mindvalley Masterclass Webinar email template

Thank you for attending emails

14. Send appreciation email to your webinar attendees

People signing up for your webinar or event is one thing, but attending it is another.

According to the webinar benchmarks report, the average webinar attendance rate is 46%. For that, you want to show appreciation and send thank you email to those who offered their time and attended your webinar.

Vishen Lakhiany included a recap of the webinar in his thank you email, and displayed a call to action button to enroll in his next masterclass.

Mindvalley Academy webinar thank you email sample

Best times to hold a webinar

Like television, webinars has its “prime times” and its slow periods. Knowing when your audience is most likely to “tune in” is crucial and can define the success of your webinar.

There is no ‘one and only’ perfect timing to host a webinar for the entire world with its different time zones.

According to Webinar Ninja, the best time to host a webinar for audiences in the United States with a 39% average attendance rate, is between 11 AM and 2 PM.

And the same time applies for audiences in Australia too mate.

Yet, for audiences around Europe and the UK, you’d want to start a little bit earlier than the US. Between 8 AM and 11 AM is the recommended time to hold a webinar. And for Asia between 2 PM and 4 PM is the optimal time.


It’s energy-consuming to handle your email marketing while you’re busy cooking up the best webinar.

You can save time and resources and depend on how email marketing automation can support you make the best out of your webinars.

Automizy help you send personalized messages to people on different lifecycle stages. Since it is behavioral email marketing, you can move your leads in the funnel and keep your ROI positive.

Your turn now to create your webinar emails, and it’s okay to invite us, we’re friends now 🙂

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