9 reasons email marketing isnt going

9 Reasons Email Marketing Isn’t Going Anywhere | Guest Post

It sometimes feels like we are stuck in the middle when it comes to marketing. We live in a world of both roadside billboards and social media. There are so many options out there for delivering your message, and it can be hard to choose a channel ... 

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email marketing tips seo

Email Marketing Tips of an SEO Professional | Guest Post

I am not an email marketing expert, but as I run a successful online marketing and SEO blog in Hungarian, it is vital for my business to capture leads, email addresses so I can communicate efficiently with my readers.

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5 things good email marketers never do

5 Things Good Email Marketers Never Do | Guest Post

Email is one of the most powerful mediums to engage your audience. People today depend on their inboxes as a repository of information, both from personal contacts and brands alike. 

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best zapier integrations

4 Best Zapier Integrations for Email Marketers to be more Effective

Zapier is something that every marketer should use in order to connect different apps and give unbelievable experience to subscribers. Therefore, I share with you 4 rarely known Zapier use cases where you will see the power of automation!

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Personalize with marketong automation

How Can Marketing Automation Boost Your Personalization Strategies | Guest Post

According to a survey by Marketo, about 63% of respondents said that they are annoyed by how brands continue to market or promote using generic messages and old-fashioned strategies.

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Target Customers Using Email Marketing

Top 3 Ways to Target Customers Using Email Marketing | Guest Post

“You have got new mail!” I am sure you have heard this phrase at some point in your life. It is the legendary time that made the history of Internet, when the roads were still being paved and we were making our way through the uncultivated ... 

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