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4 Best Zapier Integrations for Email Marketers to be more Effective

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Zapier is something that every marketer should use in order to connect different apps and give an unbelievable experience to subscribers. Therefore, I share with you 4 rarely known Zapier use cases where you will see the power of automation!

Work less, automate more and be much more effective with these step-by-step guides right away.

Send personalized emails based on answers to your Typeform

typeform zapier automizy

Typeform is not just a simple survey tool. Its design is amazing and provides a unique experience to people who fill it.

Did you know that Typeform can be used as a lead generation tool too?

You can easily add new leads to Automizy via Zapier and send emails based on the answers your prospects gave.

So let’s assume you have a Typeform that has 4 options in it somewhere where you ask for their position.

  1. Business Owner
  2. Growth Marketer
  3. Sales
  4. Developer

The follow-up email should be different for each type of job as you don’t want to pitch with conversion rate optimization to business owners, don’t want to pitch with investment possibilities to a growth marketer and you don’t even dare to mention “marketing” or “communication” related words to a developer.

Firstly, just create the Typeform.

Next, create a Zapier trigger (Typeform):

Typeform trigger

Now you should choose Automizy as action and pick the “Create or Update Contact” option.

Typeform action 1

Thirdly, choose to give the email address, other custom values (such as the answers in Typeform) and the tags (“business owner”, “growth marketer”, “sales”, “developer”) to Automizy.

Typeform action 2

Now build 4 workflows in Automizy: one which is triggered by someone getting “business owner” tag, a similar with the “growth marketer” tag, the “sales” tag and finally the “developer” tag. Now add your email actions to each one.

Typeform workflow

As a result, you will send personalized emails to each persona separately if they fill your form.

You can also add data into custom fields from the Typeform fields too to mention their answers and make it even more personalized!

Send Slack notification when someone subscribes or starts your trial

slack zapier automizy

We all know Slack which helps us avoid email for internal communication and use chat instead.

But very few people know that Slack can be used for notification purposes.

If your email marketing provider lets you tag your subscribers according to behavior (as Automizy does) you can easily send notifications to specific Slack channels about it.

The first use case is when someone subscribes on your forms.

Assuming you Autodetected your existing form or inserted the signup form, you can tag people who subscribe there (you should do it anyway).

The most common use case is when someone subscribes to your newsletter or e-book.

You can then add a contact tag to the subscriber automatically, for example, “lead”.

After that just chose the “lead” tag as an Automizy trigger in Zapier:

Search for Slack as action and pick it.

Slack noti lead action 1

Choose an existing Slack channel with a message. You can even add custom fields of your contacts to be added to the notification (such as first name, web page, email address, date of subscription, etc.).

Slack noti lead action 3

Therefore this will be the channel where you will be notified when someone subscribes on your newsletter form or lead magnet form.

If you have more signup forms, you can always tag the contacts with “lead” tag and you will always be notified in that slack channel about the new subscriber.

The second use case is when someone starts your free trial

Using the contact update REST API you can automatically add tags to contacts in Automizy if it does a custom event. In this specific case, if it starts your trial.

Just insert the code to your signup button and tell it to add the “trial user” tag if someone starts your trial.

(This is just an example jQuery snippet, you will have a unique token for your own Automizy account. Don’t copy and paste it, won’t work!)

    type: "PATCH",
    url: "",
        "addTags":["trial user",
    headers: {Authorization: 'Bearer ' + window.accessToken},
    success: function (data){

After that, the same happens: you can create an Automizy trigger (“trial user” tag) in Zapier and add a Slack channel action (e.g. trial users) where you can send the name, email address or any other information.

From now on you will be notified every time a new user signs up.

Send emails to your Facebook LeadAds subscribers

leadads zapier automizy

Facebook LeadAds is a pretty new solution: you can collect emails without making your prospects leave Facebook at all.

Advertising on Facebook is a well-known way of lead generation: you create a hook, a lead magnet that is interesting for your prospects. You offer it for free, but the those who want to read it will have to “pay” you with their email address.

Until know, you had to build a landing page where you sell the free, gated content and you had to drive traffic there via Facebook ads. But from now on, LeadAds gives you the opportunity to collect emails without the need of leaving Facebook, right there, on the ad itself.

But you have to send emails to the people somehow who asked for your free offer, don’t you?

Therefore, you can choose LeadAds as a Zapier trigger and add Automizy as an action. Sends the emails, the names and add a tag (e.g. “leadads leadmagnetname”) to the contacts.

Now build a follow-up sequence in Automizy: use the “leadads leadmagnet_name” tag as a trigger and add at least 1 email action that sends the lead magnet itself to your newly generated lead. (You should build follow-up sequences but right now it’s not the topic I’m talking about.)

In the end, if someone clicks on your ad and gives you his email, you can automatically send the promised gift via email immediately.

Send reminders to your Calendly meetings

calendly zapier automizy

Calendly is a great tool if you would like to schedule live or online meetings with others: you just set the dates and times when you are available, share the link of this calendar and those who click on it can book an appointment.

But it is usually a good thing if you confirm it via email too and send a reminder.

In order to do that, just choose Calendly as a trigger.

Calendly trigger

Add Automizy as an action, get the email, the name, the date of the event and apply a tag that will trigger the automation flow in Automizy.

Calendly action

Next, you should build an automated workflow in Automizy: the trigger is the “Calendly Scheduled” tag. The action should be an email that uses the date as a custom field.

You can also add a reminder email to follow-up them.

As a result, if someone schedules a meeting on Calendly, he will receive an immediate confirmation email about the date and time.

Send follow-up emails if someone participated in your GoToWebinar webinar

gotowebinar zapier automizy

GoToWebinar is the most robust webinar platform that helps you hold bigger online events. Usually used for lead generation and lead nurturing purposes: acquiring new leads and or educating them.

But you can send follow-up emails to those people who not only registered but also participated in your event. (Of course, you can do the same for those who registered but didn’t show up but I’m talking about the other segment now.)

Firstly, create a GoToWebinar trigger.

Gotowebinar trigger

Next, choose an Automizy action.

Gotowebinar action

Zapier should pass the name and email address (or even the when he joined and when he left the webinar) and also add an “attendant” tag to the contact.

Gotowebinar action 2

In Automizy, just build a trigger based on “attendant” and build an email follow-up sequence to nurture them down the funnel.

There you go…

…some of the best Zapier integrations, just for you. And this was just a taste of what can you achieve with some awesome tools connected with Zapier.

If you have any questions about how to set these up, feel free to ping me or leave a comment!

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