7 Email Sequence Examples & How to Create Them

7 Email Sequence Examples & How to Create Them featured image on Automizy blog post

Does it feel like you’ve done everything right, yet your prospects and customers don’t show any engagement signs toward your business?   The bad news: Several things could be preventing you from building a stronger customer relationship. The good news: You can fix that and keep your prospects and customers around you by implementing the right […]

Welcome Email Examples: 11 Templates, Subject Lines, Email Series

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The first email your subscribers receive from you is what decides the success of your whole email marketing. Your welcome email is the asset to communications with new subscribers and maintaining a positive customer relationship. The impression your welcome message leaves has a lot to do with the buying decision your customers make. It’s when […]

How to Create an Email Lead Magnet Nurturing Sequence (5 Examples)

How to Create an Email Lead Magnet Nurturing Sequence 5 Examples featured image of Automizy blog post

Marketing ideas to increase generated leads? I’m so sure you’ve tried it all from social ads, SEO, to lead magnets and so on. I remember the day I captured my first 100 leads and screamed: “Yes! I’ve cracked the conversion code!!” You know how the story goes by now: I was quite wrong. I came […]

How to Create an Email Sales Funnel (Sequence Examples Included)

Every business fantasizes about acquiring more customers every day and keeping them around for as long as possible. But why not every business is living this fantasy? Sometimes customers are like babies, they lose interest or get lost in the process. An email marketing sales funnel works as a rail track. It helps you get […]

14+ Sites to Improve your Email Marketing Skills

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Over the years email has been considered “dead” many times.  But, with an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent email marketing is still the most effective channels of communication with your customers. So, improving your skills in this area pays off BIG TIME. And to help you with that I collected and categorized the […]