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14+ Sites to Improve your Email Marketing Skills

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Over the years email has been considered “dead” many times.  But, with an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent email marketing is still the most effective channels of communication with your customers.

So, improving your skills in this area pays off BIG TIME. And to help you with that I collected and categorized the best sites where you can deepen your knowledge.


Litmus Blog

The Litmus Blog is a gold mine for any email marketer. They produce great content on everything related to email.

They break their blog down into categories like:

  • Infographics,
  • eBooks,
  • Webinars,
  • Podcasts,
  • Tips and Resources,
  • Case Studies and Testimonials,
  • and Stats.

Here’s a list of a few articles to give you an idea of what kind of content to expect:

The topics they cover is more on the advanced side.

If you subscribe to their mailing list you’ll get an email about once a month. As you can expect all their newsletters look amazing. You can subscribe and have a look at all the previous ones here.

Also, they have a weekly content curation newsletter called Litmus Weekly.

The Litmus Community is an awesome place for email marketers and designers to:

  • help each other,
  • share code snippets,
  • find amazing templates and
  • look for employees and job opportunities.



Email Monday is run by Jordie van Rijn, who’s a specialist email marketing consultant with over 10 years of experience. He doesn’t post a lot, but all the articles are in-depth, great quality pieces based on true experience.

You can find a couple of headlines of his recent articles to give you a taste:

His newsletters are definitely worth checking out. They feature professional insights, practical email marketing tricks, list growth ideas, strategies & tactics, and an exclusive Q&A service.


Strictly speaking, EmailDrips is not a blog. It’s a gallery of the world’s best drip campaigns.

You can find free trial, onboarding, webinar, sales follow-up, and product launch sequences and so on.

If you’re planning on getting started with email marketing automation or you’re building a new workflow check it out.

The site features drip campaigns of software products like Twitter, Netflix, Slack, Dropbox, Zapier, Sumo, and Vimeo. And info product campaigns of entrepreneurs like Russell Brunson, Neil Patel, Amy Porterfield, Justin Jackson and Frank Kern.

Learn from the best. This site lets you do that without opting in and waiting for all the emails to arrive.

You can filter the campaigns based on product type, niche, sequence and customer type.

Click on a drip campaign you’d like to see. You’ll find a short summary of the company or person who uses it and a description of the campaign itself.

Below that, you’ll see a window with the emails in order. You can select which email you’d like to read.

Automizy Blog

Yeah, you’re already here.

I hate self-promotion just like the next guy. But we do our best to give you actionable articles packed with value. And it would be a missed opportunity not to highlight our best email marketing articles.

So here you go:

Oh and we send our value-packed weekly love letters to the MizyMob. If you’d like to be part of our awesome community, you can join at the top of this page.

Smart Insights

smart insights

The Smart Insights is among the best sites to get actionable digital marketing advice. Their editorial team is led by Dr. Dave Chaffey, who’s recognized as one of 50 gurus who has “shaped the future of marketing”. He has worked with hundreds of businesses like 3M, Barclays, HSBC, Mercedes Benz and Sony.

They broke down Digital Marketing into 10 Essential Marketing Toolkits.

One of these is email marketing and besides the toolkit, they have great articles on their site like:

The toolkits require a paid membership, but each of them has a free resource that you can access by registering. For the Email Marketing Toolkit, it’s the Email Trends 2017: A visual Guide. It’s 20 pages and features 10 trends grouped into 4 areas:

  • creative,
  • targeting,
  • multichannel,
  • and data integration.

Marketing Experiments

The email marketing category of Marketing Experiments is another great resource for e-marketers. They haven’t published a new article on the topic for a while. Their most recent article on email marketing was released in July 2016.

But, as the name of the site would suggest the pieces are based on real experiments and tests. It doesn’t get more insightful and actionable than that.

Here a list of some their articles to help you get going:




Udemy is one of the most popular places for online education. They have a massive library of over 55000 courses. So whatever topic you’re interested in you’ll find something.

If you type in email marketing in their search bar it’ll turn up more than 330 results. With subtopics ranging from List Building to Email Productivity Hacks all the way to Strategy.

Here’s a list of a couple of courses:

Sumo: A free 30 day Course to Double the Size of Your Email List

The guys over at Sumo have a free 30 day course to double the size of email list. In the course, Noah Kagan shows you the exact tactics he used to grow the list of AppSumo. It also features lessons from other Email Marketing Experts like Andrew Chen, Joshua Earl, Joanna Wiebe, Neville Medhora, and Brian Dean.

Hubspot: Free Email Marketing Certification Course

This Hubspot course features 9 classes that cover topics like nurturing, design, optimization, and deliverability. It takes about 3.5 hours to complete the course and at the end, there’s an exam of 60 multiple choice questions. If you get 45 or more right you’ve completed the course. Email Marketing Trainings and Tutorials is an online learning platform where you can learn business, software, technology, and creative skills.

They offer webinars for Email Marketing for any level from Beginner to Advanced. With their wide range of courses, you can get yourself well-versed in any subject from growing an email list, to creating valuable targeted messaging and producing results from your campaigns.

All the courses are held by recognized industry experts, so you’ll be in good hands.

A list of some of their courses to give you a taste: serves more than 10,000 organization, and they offer cost-effective group memberships.

Data & Marketing Association

The DMA offers 2 on-demand courses:

1. Email Marketing

“The Email Marketing course will teach you how to identify your target audience and oversee the deployment of email messages that garner the response you want. The course will help you learn the building blocks and strategies for generating deliverable, responsive email marketing campaigns.”

2. Advanced Email Marketing

“Come away with a deep understanding of how to integrate email with both online and offline marketing channels for a successfully integrated campaign. This advanced email marketing analytics course will also focus on topics including using segmentation and targeting to improve results, content personalization, creating trigger-based email programs.”

Both of these courses are hosted by Karen Talavera, internationally-recognized email, and digital marketing expert. She has 20 years of experience and worked with companies like American Express, National Instruments, Medtronic, and NASCAR.

Some Awesome Email Marketing Articles

18 Inspiring Email Newsletter Examples From Brands We Love

This guide from G2 Crowd aggregates some of the best email newsletter examples from around the web. Their piece breaks down examples of the best visual designed emails, content-heavy emails, brand-voice emails, and great CTAs within those emails.

Their roundup is a great resource to bookmark when your marketing team begins to look for inspiration to build an industry-leading email newsletter template.

A Beginner’s Guide to Successful Email Marketing

a beginners guide to successful email marketing

Kissmetrics’ piece A Beginner’s Guide to Successful Email Marketing is a great place to start for novice email marketers. It covers all the necessary aspects of modern email marketing: from getting permission to segmentation and analytics.

How to End an Email & 50 Different Email Sign-Offs

Right Inbox’s article on how to end an email looks at an extremely important element of emails. The end of an email leaves your recipient with a lasting impression of you – and you want to make sure that impression is a positive one. The article also includes 50 examples on how to sign-off your emails.

8 Email Marketing Metrics That Matter

In email marketing, there are certain key metrics you should pay close attention to. In Crazy Egg’s piece called 8 Email Marketing Metrics That Matter, Kristi Hines collected and explained these. The metrics she covers are:

  1. Spam Percentage,
  2. Open Rate,
  3. Click Rate,
  4. Action Rate Over Time,
  5. Bounce Rate,
  6. Complaint Rate,
  7. Unsubscribe Rate,
  8. and Number of Unsubscribes.

It’s a must-read for every beginner email marketer.

How To Get 1,000 New Email Subscribers In 30 Days

Sumo’s guide on How to Get 1000 New Email Subscribers in 30 Days is a great actionable piece. It has a clear structure, it’s broken into 1 or 2 day periods so you can easily follow it.

Even if you’re not planning on recreating the whole process you can still get some tips that’ll help you in growing your email list.

Quench your knowledge thirst!

If you haven’t already, choose a resource and begin (or continue) your journey to email marketing excellence.

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