How to Increase the Click Rates of Onboarding Emails with Machine Learning

This article continues with one more use case where you can take a look at how to increase the click rates of your onboarding emails with machine learning. In last week’s article, we discussed the benefits and drawbacks of split testing and the advantages of using AI-powered workflow optimization to achieve higher conversion. And to make […]

20 Simple SaaS Marketing Best Practices to Boost Your Business

saas marketing best practices

If you read only 1 list of SaaS marketing best practices today, this should be the one! 20 simple but very important tips to enhance your user acquisition, user retention and grow your business as a whole. 1. Avoid discounts Discounts are deceiving: usually, companies try to get more users and clients. But at the […]

Top 3 Ways to Target Customers Using Email Marketing

Target Customers Using Email Marketing

“You have got new mail!” I am sure you have heard this phrase at some point in your life. It is the legendary time that made the history of the Internet, when the roads were still being paved and we were making our way through the uncultivated region of what was the real World Wide […]

Debunking SaaS Churn Rate for Subscription Services

saas churn rate for subscription services

The churn rate for subscription services is a big deal – everyone talks about it but unfortunately, they don’t really try to summarize it in an easy-to-understand way. This is why we give you a concise overview of it and also give you awesome hints on how to reduce it. Why is SaaS churn rate […]

4 Common Mistakes Email Marketers Make that Result in Lost Revenue

4 common mistakes email marketers make

It has long been established that email marketing is one of the most effective methods of getting the word out about your organization. With an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent, there just aren’t any other avenues that come even close. That doesn’t mean that every email marketing campaign will be successful, however. If […]

A Roadmap to Success: How to Develop a Sales Funnel for your Email Campaigns

sales funnel

Although it seems like email has been around forever, it’s still one of the most effective tools for marketing. According to the DMA 2015 Client Email Report, email has an average ROI of $38 for every $1 companies spent, and that number is only rising. In 2013, the average ROI for email was $24.93. And […]

How to Revamp your Client Onboarding with your Email Software?


Prospect downloaded an ebook, read another piece of content, signed up for your trial, tried features, gave you the credit card, became paying client and a few months later upgraded. This is a journey of a client in a mobile app or SaaS software…  Here is a great way to track your client onboarding process […]