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automate your digital marketing funnel

How to Automate Your Digital Marketing Funnel | Guest Post

The concept of a marketing or sales funnel isn’t necessarily anything new, but as more business has moved online, the process of using a marketing funnel has become digital and a bit more formalized.

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Popular Email Marketing Automation Campaign Examples

The 6 Most Popular Email Marketing Automation Campaign Examples

Email marketing is long past the days when marketers blasted their whole list with the same weekly newsletter. 

In fact, the Digital Marketing Association found that over 75% of email revenue is generated by triggered campaigns, rather than regular email blasts.

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steps to worthwhile marketing automation

6 Steps to Worthwhile Marketing Automation | Guest Post

Automation could well be the best thing to happen to digital marketing. So vast and competitive is the current marketing landscape that anything offering the ability to improve workflows – saving time and increasing productivity – without sacrificing the effectiveness of campaigns is worth its weight in gold.

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email marketing automation platform for b2b company

How to Choose the right Email Marketing Automation platform for your B2B company?

With a 3800% ROI ($38 return for every $1 spent) email is one of the best channels to communicate with your audience. Automating your email marketing can yield even better results.

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lead nurturing tips

3 Lead Nurturing Tips that Immediately Boost Your Campaigns

One of the biggest challenges I see people face when they implement email marketing automation is not collecting relevant meta information.

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reduce churn rate

4 Advanced Ways to Reduce Churn Rate & Make Customers Happy | Guest Post

Businesses spend tons of marketing dollars to acquire new customers. However, if you can’t retain your customers then all this effort can go in vain. High customer cancellations – known as customer churn – can cause tremendous strain on your sales & marketing resources, and slow down your business growth.

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email automation mistakes

6 Small Email Automation Mistakes That Could Cost You Big Time | Guest Post

It’s tough to be an email today. On any given day you have to fight against 205 other billion emails just to get a little bit of attention. If you’re a personal note between friends or a message from a boss to an employee, you might stand a chance. But if you’re a marketing email, the odds aren’t in your favor.

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best zapier integrations

4 Best Zapier Integrations for Email Marketers to be more Effective

Zapier is something that every marketer should use in order to connect different apps and give unbelievable experience to subscribers. Therefore, I share with you 4 rarely known Zapier use cases where you will see the power of automation!

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Personalize with marketong automation

How Can Marketing Automation Boost Your Personalization Strategies | Guest Post

According to a survey by Marketo, about 63% of respondents said that they are annoyed by how brands continue to market or promote using generic messages and old-fashioned strategies.

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