5 Ways to Automate Your B2B Email Marketing | 16 Examples Included

5 Ways to Automate Your B2B Email Marketing Automizy article featured image

If you are in the B2B field, you might have experienced dealing with long buying cycles.  It might take a lot of effort from you to maintain communication with your leads.  So: how can you scale the process of communication with your leads from nurturing to closing the sales?  Email marketing could be one of […]

11 Email Marketing Strategies for Financial Services and Banks

11 Email Marketing Strategies for Financial Services and Banks featured image on a blog post

You can notice how the new fintech industry is rapidly bringing huge innovations to the table. To keep up with the competition, financial services providers and banks are upgrading their communication and email game to remain relevant regardless of the fast-paced transformation. You’ve probably seen how other industries are doing so well with email marketing. […]

How to Create an Email Lead Magnet Nurturing Sequence (5 Examples)

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Marketing ideas to increase generated leads? I’m so sure you’ve tried it all from social ads, SEO, to lead magnets and so on. I remember the day I captured my first 100 leads and screamed: “Yes! I’ve cracked the conversion code!!” You know how the story goes by now: I was quite wrong. I came […]

10 Email Campaign Examples (Workflows) & How to Create Them

10 Popular Email Marketing Automation Campaign Examples

I suppose we can agree that we all strive to gain email opens and link clicks. These are the first steps toward higher sales and revenue in email marketing. According to the Epsilon Email Institute, automated email messages generate a 70.5% higher open rate and a 152% higher click-through rate than standard marketing messages. Wondering […]

How to Create an Email Autoresponder Series That Actually Converts

If all businesses could agree on one goal they want to attain, it is automating the process of converting more leads into customers. To be honest, not all leads would give much time to your business. And if they did, it would be at the first interaction with you when they are still highly interested. […]

Marketing Automation Challenges Roundup 2019

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The marketing automation world is growing at a large scale. More and more people use some type of automation for repetitive marketing activities to increase productivity and consequently revenue. However, even as technology changes and evolves, people working with marketing automation have almost the same challenges as they did 5 years ago. I wanted to […]

How to Automate Your Digital Marketing Funnel

automate your digital marketing funnel

The concept of a marketing or sales funnel isn’t necessarily anything new, but as more business has moved online, the process of using a marketing funnel has become digital and a bit more formalized. Regardless of what industry you’re in, whether you’re selling products or services, or if your business has physical locations or operates […]

3 Lead Nurturing Tips that Immediately Boost Your Campaigns

lead nurturing tips

One of the biggest challenges I see people face when they implement email marketing automation is not collecting relevant meta information. Contact tagging helps you label your subscribers based on their behavior. And it gives you the power to send targeted relevant messages! This short guide introduces 3 examples that you should implement right now. […]