what email marketers need to know about content

What Email Marketers Need To Know About Content & Vice Versa | Guest Post

Today’s social media-driven world is a noisy place – so much so that email, by comparison, is a relative place of quiet. While it may seem old-school, creating powerful email marketing campaigns remains a crucial marketing strategy for online businesses.

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GDPR requirements

The Most Important GDPR Requirements (and How Automizy Helps You Fulfill Them)

The General Data Protection Regulation was adopted in April 2016, and it will come into effect on May 25, 2018. Ever since it’s adoption in 2016 it has been a hot topic in business circles and as we’re moving closer to May 25 everybody is talking about it even more.

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emojis in email marketing

Emojis in Email Marketing Guide + What Experts Say

About a year ago I started experimenting with emojis first in our social media posts, then on communities like GrowthHackers. I thought that they are great for standing out on text-heavy interfaces, like an inbox.

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implement email marketing

How to Implement Email Marketing for a B2B company [Step-by-Step]

Do you use email marketing at your company? Are you utilizing this fundamental way of bringing in more new leads and customers and keep existing clients?

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Email marketing tactics

3 Email Marketing Tactics to Implement This Year | Guest Post

It’s hard to imagine living without email at this point in our lives. In fact, companies are sending billions of marketing emails each day. So it’s hard to keep up with the competition without a strong plan in place.

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email marketing can help

Did You Know That Email Marketing Can Help You This Way?

A while back I bumped into an old friend of mine who owns a pet shop. After a bit of small talk, she started to talk about how her business is doing. She had a webshop for a while, but just recently started off with free content offers for lead generation.

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Popular Email Marketing Automation Campaign Examples

The 6 Most Popular Email Marketing Automation Campaign Examples

Email marketing is long past the days when marketers blasted their whole list with the same weekly newsletter. 

In fact, the Digital Marketing Association found that over 75% of email revenue is generated by triggered campaigns, rather than regular email blasts.

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email data points

3 Critical Email Data Points (And One That’s Overhyped) | Guest Post

The right automation tools can skyrocket your personal and professional productivity. From automated bill pay to automated meal delivery to automated marketing campaigns, automation is becoming so ubiquitous that you probably don’t even think about all the ways your life is automated (When was the last time you filled up an ice tray?).

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email authentication

How to Protect your Marketing Emails Against Spoofing with Email Authentication

Do you want to avoid that your subscribers’ email clients mark your newsletters and automated emails as phishing emails? Do you want to make sure that no one sends emails in your company’s name?

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email marketer skillset

8 Must-Have Skills for Professional Email Marketers

At first glance, email marketing seems simple. But, as you dig deeper and try to enhance your campaigns you can stumble upon challenging areas.

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