13+ Christmas Newsletter Ideas & Examples (55 Subject Line Included)

As we head towards the most magical time of the year, email marketers are squeezing their heads thinking what Christmas newsletter idea would stand out. It is Christmas season, and for every business it an opportunity to catch up and reach your yearly sales goals. To realize that you need catchy email subject lines to […]

Welcome Email Examples: 11 Templates, Subject Lines, Email Series

Welcome Email Examples featured image

The first email your subscribers receive from you is what decides the success of your whole email marketing. Your welcome email is the asset to communications with new subscribers and maintaining a positive customer relationship. The impression your welcome message leaves has a lot to do with the buying decision your customers make. It’s when […]

19 Event Invitation Email Template Examples (+19 Subject lines)

19 Event Invitation Email Template Examples featured image

Hosting an event and want to send event invitation emails that would get tons of people to take part? This is the guide for you. Except…as an email marketer myself, I know how complicated this can be. Days deciding on an event announcement flow,  hours organizing your email timeline, looking at a blank email page […]

7 Types of Registration Confirmation Emails And Subject Line Examples

People would register for your event or sign up for your product and still carry an endless amount of questions. These are the most common ones asked after a registration: Is my registration accepted? What should I do next? When and where and what should I expect? Do I need to confirm my registration and […]

31 Product Launch Announcement Email Examples (+21 Subject lines)

31 Product Launch Announcement Email Examples featured image

Some product launch dates are marked in our calendar and get us hyped, and others we never hear of or even care for.It is all related to the product announcement. A great product launch would trigger our desire, curiosity, and interest. How is it done?Follow me in this guide where I share with you: What […]

How to Resend Email Campaigns to Non-Openers (Guide + Case Study)

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Making a first impression twice. WHAT?! In email marketing you can, with the email campaign “resend” feature. It allows you to resend the same email, but with a different subject line to contacts who did not open your first email for a chance to increase your email open rates and email marketing ROI. Probably you […]

19 Ways to Design Your Valentine’s Day Emails (+53 Subject Lines)

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In the world of email marketing, special occasions are about: more customer engagement and sales. Since Valentine’s day is around the corner, email marketers are putting their heads crafting lovey-dovey killer Valentine’s Day email campaign ideas. So this Valentine’s is going to be about BAE: Business And Entrepreneurship ? To get inspired for your Valentine’s […]