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7 Types Of Registration Confirmation Emails And Subject Line Examples

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People would register for your event or sign up for your product and still carry an endless amount of questions.

These are the most common ones asked after a registration:

  • Is my registration accepted?
  • What should I do next?
  • When and where and what should I expect?
  • Do I need to confirm my registration and email? Etc.

You wish more people would attend your events or take the next step toward your product. But that is only possible if you respond to their concerns.

It sounds like a lot of work. Sending templated emails, in volume, to new registrants, who would change their minds and skip your event, or quit on your products at any moment… Wow, that’s a scary thought.

Here, registration confirmation emails are your breakthrough to increase your registrants’ conversion rate.

Luckily, that’s exactly what I’m covering for you in this guide:

Let’s start at the top.

Why Should You Use Registration Confirmation Emails

Registration confirmation emails are used to confirm an event registration and online signups:

  • To confirm a payment transaction
  • To increase registrant engagement with your product or service
  • To motivate your registrant to come back again, whether to buy again or to remain as an active user
  • To remind your registrant about the event date
  • To remind readers of the registration benefits
  • To communicate and inform your prospective attendees about the details.

The registration confirmation email format

Use the following tips to create a winner registration confirmation email.

  • Create a personalized & positive subject line that confirms their registration. 
  • Personalize your email content.
  • Remind readers of the registration benefits.
  • Add a clear CTA to motivate further action.
  • Use an image that is related to your event/product.

Registration confirmation messages are well-known for including short, direct paragraphs. 

Using a related image to what your user registered for would resonate with their interest. Add an image to your registration notification and make sure it looks good on mobile devices too.

If you want your registrants to confirm their email addresses, include a prominent CTA button to click. Place it where it convenient for a thumb tap on a mobile screen.

Don’t overcomplicate your registration messages with long paragraphs and spaceship design. All you need to do is to capitalize on registrants’ attendance or next step.

7 Endorsed Registration Confirmation Email Template Examples

1. Confirm webinar registrations

Instant communication helps you set the right expectations for your new webinar registrants. It makes the whole user experience more comfortable and shortening the time needed to achieve the ultimate goal.

Send webinar emails to confirm and communicate needed information for new registrants. It also motivates social referrals by including social sharing icons.

Webinar registration email example to increase attendance

If places are not limited to webinars you’re hosting, the more people you reach, the more leads you generate.

2. Confirm new user sign-ups

When users sign up for your product, you want to make sure .

You don’t necessarily need to set up a double opt-in process to verify email addresses, you can use Google Recaptcha and field validation to secure your forms.

Sending a sign-up confirmation email serves your users positively in case they forget the password. Also, users might make a typo mistake when signing up.

Saas sign up registration confirmation email

3. Thank your beta waitlist subscribers

Thank you emails are among the first steps to create an online relationship similar to the offline customer experience. .

Sending a thank-you email on registrations can only be beneficial for your business. Customers indulge the feeling of appreciation.

Below, a stunning email template example shows how to thank leads for joining a beta waitlist.

Thank you for registering

4. Confirm event registration

It is unnegotiable to send event registration confirmation emails to provide further details.

Attendants might not be familiar with the event location or time. Confirming registrations with event details puts your attendees on track.

Keep your registrants excited by underlining key details such as event theme, dates, or adding new information. 

Some events are paid. Send confirmation emails to inform registrants about a successful payment transaction.

Registration confirmation email example for an event

To make sure your registrants don’t forget about your event, it’s best to include an “Add to calendar” so the recipient can’t save the date.

Also it’s recommended to include contact details of one of the event managers so if your registrants have questions, they have a contact person to reach out to.

5. Set the right expectations for the conference registrants

Several aspects make your confirmation email sample for registration successful: 

  • Simplicity 
  • Sufficient information
  • Pushing a user action

Let’s have a look at this training registration confirmation email:

Registration confirmation email for a conference

The conference team used a plain text email to make it more conversational and motivate contacts’ replies.

6. Thank prospects for signing up

When someone registers for your product/service, you should be there at the moment to thank them for signing up or joining you.

Customers expect responses after a signup action. By sending appreciation messages, you gain customers’ confidence.

This will help extend the engagement level the user experiences upon registering.

Signing up thank you registration email example from Google

7. Remind registrants about your upcoming event

Very often, people register for events a couple of months before the actual event date.

Sending an event reminder email eliminates the risk of you singing “Lonely day” the day of the event because your registrants forgot about it.

Event registration reminder email

I recommend you send two registration reminder emails. The first email 4 days before the event day, and the second email one day before the event.

How to Create Registration Confirmation Email Funnel

Your registration confirmation emails are email autoresponders that confirm a user action: registration.

To guide your new registrants to their next step, you will need to sign up for email marketing automation software to set up your automated registration emails quickly.

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to set up registration autoresponders in Automizy.

Registration emails are opt-in-based emails that you send to your new users and customers.

Marketing automation saves your time by handing your registration emails automatically. So, you don’t have to do the work manually.

For that, you will need to connect your website forms or landing pages where visitors opt-in to your email list.

Step 1: Connect your user acquisition channels to your email list

Depending on how you manage your email lists, you can have one email list where you manage all contacts. Or else, you can create a separate opt-in email list for your new user registrations.

Users’ registration takes place on your:

  • Website forms
  • Landing pages
  • Website popup
  • Social media ads

It depends on whether you use only one registration channel or more.

You can integrate all your user acquisition channels to Automizy so you can get rid of the hassle of exporting and importing spreadsheets.

Integrations in Automizy

There are some differences between CRM tools and Marketing automation, but they should be perfectly integrated and aligned.

Integration is your solution to hassle-free contact sync between your website builder, CRM or pop-up tool, and email marketing automation.

If you manage the email marketing of a small business and you do not use CRM tools ,  you can also create and customize a sign-up form in Automizy and embed it to your website. Or you can create a hosted landing page.

Landing page builder in Automizy

Step 2: Select your email trigger

As a confirmation email, your registration messages are triggered by a specific user action:

  • Signing up for a training
  • Registering for a product demo
  • Registering for a conference/webinar
  • Joining a product beta waitlist, etc.

Set up your autoresponder trigger by selecting one of these options in Automizy:

  • Gets a tag
  • Gets added to a list
  • Submits a form on your website, or
  • Clicks a link in an email

Step 3: Create a behavior-based autoresponder series

Now that you’ve selected your trigger for your new registrants, you have to craft your email.

To save your time, you can quickly create emails with the drag and drop builder in Automizy.

registration confirmation email autoresponder

You might be tempted to include a lot of information in one email, but don’t.

Instead, create registration drip email sequences to spread your content over multiple emails, onboard new registrants, and move your leads smoothly into your email sales funnel to maximize your conversion.

Suppose you are automating an email campaign to welcome and onboard your new trial registrants.

Here is how visually it would look like:

You can turn your registration email campaigns into a conversion machine with lead nurturing and onboarding drip campaigns.

You can set up a similar process for any kind of registration you’re running for your business.

That’s not it. Let’s see how to take your registration email sequences to another dimension.

Step 4: Send personalized messages to your registrants’ behavior with email automation conditions

Personalize your messages to your event registrants based on their engagement with your email funnel.

Here is how you can do it.

Repeat the same 3 steps (covered above). Then apply “Wait for” to define the time when to send the following email.

Use “If/else” conditions to personalize messages and send emails to those who already interacted with your previous email.

"Wait for 1 day" in Automizy email flow

Apply the condition “Has opened an email” and split your automation for the two branches, “Yes” branch and “No” branch.

"If" condition "has opened an email"

Based on the interaction of your contacts with the first email, you can define the rest of your registration email series.

Based on the interaction of the contacts with the first email, defining the rest of the automation in Automizy

To increase your email open rate, set up your email automation to send a reminder email to new users who did not open the registration confirmation email.

For users who opened your email, apply another condition, “Link click” to identify the users who already engaged with your email who did not.

Contacts who opened and clicked a link are more likely to convert to customers. You can proceed with your registration email workflow and onboard your converting registrants.

You could send a reminder or a lead nurturing email for contacts who did not confirm registration.

Registration email workflows help you create a personalized customer journey for higher conversion rates.

Personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%.

5 Answered Registration Confirmation Emails FAQs

Do you still have questions about registration emails? We’ve looked up the most asked questions connected with registration emails, and we’ve answered them for you.

1. How to send a user confirmation email after registration?

Well, that’s what I’ve been explaining in detail in the previous section if you haven’t been following. 😛

But to sum it up for you, the first thing you’ll need to register to Automizy and then set up your email autoresponder for users who register.

This process is explained in the previous section.

2. How to add email confirmation to registration on WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS, not an email software, so you won’t be able to send registration confirmations directly from WordPress. Instead, you’ll need to integrate it with an email software.

This way, you’ll be able to send contacts who fill in your form to the email software, and from there, you set up a confirmation email.

For instance, if you’re using Elementor to build your WordPress pages, you can easily integrate it with Automizy and add a confirmation email to registrations coming through your WordPress site.

How to integrate Automizy and Elementor for WordPress users

3. How to send a confirmation email on a Google Form?

It’s always best to generate registrations via your website.

But in some cases, like beta waitlist registrations can be managed on a Google Form to save some time and collect registrants’ contact information for when you announce your new beta.

To send registration confirmation emails you need to integrate Google Forms to your email software with third-party tools like Zapier, Pabbly, or Integrately.

Using these third-party tools, you can send registration confirmation emails from Automizy to contacts who complete your Google Form.

4. Eventbrite: Where to add a registration confirmation email?

The same as the previous case, you can use third-party tools like Zapier, Pabbly, or Integrately to connect Eventbrite to Automizy and send registration emails to your new registrants.

Eventbrite and Automizy integration

Using such integration, you unlock more than just sending a registration email to registrants. You can also:

  • Welcome and nurture registrants
  • Send event reminder emails
  • Follow-up contacts after an event
  • Personalize user journeys with email automation

5. When to send a registration confirmation email?

Registration emails are confirmation emails. This means you should trigger them to be sent immediately after users’ registration.

You should send registration confirmation emails when:

  • A contact registers to your online product
  • A contact registers to your event or webinar
  • A contact joins your beta waitlist
  • A contact participate in your contest

8 Inspiring Registration Confirmation Email Subject Lines

If you’re not putting enough effort into your registration confirmation email subject lines, the rest doesn’t matter.

Your email content won’t matter if you don’t persuade your contacts to open with an attention-grabbing subject line. 

A good subject line is what gets your contacts to open your email.

To help you with that, here are 18 registration confirmation email subject line examples:

1. Hi {NAME}, time to get started ⏳

2. Your access to {COMPANY}

3. Thank you for signing up 🤗

4. Welcome aboard {NAME}!

5. Your {COMPANY} starts now

6. Psst! You’re on the list 📋

7. Your {…} registration is confirmed

8. Events await! Confirm your participation

9. Your conference registration number

10. Appointment confirmation 🗓

11. Confirmed! You’re in 

12. Thanks for registering! Verify email now

13. Registration confirmed for Los Angelos 📍

14. Confirmed! You’re on the list

15. Welcome! You’re all set 

16. Welcome to {…} Start here!

17. Hello, welcome to {…}

18. {EVENT} registration confirmed

Businesses started using emojis in email subject lines to save some letters, keep subject lines short, and to stand out in a crowded inbox. 

Don’t hesitate to increase your email open rates with emojis. You can find plenty of emojis ready inside Automizy.

how to add emojis to email subject lines lines in Automizy

Are you still writing subject lines based on gut feeling and best practices?

It is time to change that.

Automizy’s AI-powered Subject Line Recommender writes you high-performing subject lines based on the copy of your email to:

  • Save you the time drafting subject lines variations for AB test and Resend
  • Increase your open rates recommending the best performing subject lines

How is it done?

Step 1: Copy & paste your email content.

Step 2: Let Mizy read and analyze it.

Step 3: Copy and use the subject lines you prefer.

Automizy's subject line recommender

Automizy utilizes deep learning to analyze tons of email campaigns and recommend you subject line options to maximize your email open rates.


Here you have the best examples of registration confirmation email templates and other tips to inspire you. 

With Automizy, you are able to create and automate your registration confirmation emails to get closer to your conversion goals.

We just showed you the way to capitalize your event attendance and user registrations. 

Now it’s your turn.

Leave a reply and let us know what worked for you. It’s all appreciated. It takes just a click, but it makes my day.

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