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11 Event Reminder Emails To Copy (+21 Email Subject Lines)

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People forget about their daily activities or doing groceries before going home. 

Your registrants can forget about your event too.

Sending event reminder emails helps to keep your event in the mind of your prospective audience and not lose any participant.

Informing your audience about your event is as important as reminding them about it. You don’t want your event registrants to forget about your event.

Since you’re here, you’ll learn:

Let’s get started.

Why Should You Send Event Reminder Emails?

If you consider that event registration is a success, you’re wrong.

Event registration doesn’t mean you’ve reached your event goal.

Your prospects might register today, but your event is in one month. What’s going to happen during that month?

They’re going to forget about your event and the fact that they’ve registered for it too.

Use your registrants’ email addresses to send event updates and reminder emails. 

You’ll have to maintain the conversation with your registrants throughout the whole period, reaching the event day.

Send details about your event, present speakers, agenda, and host.

And most of all, set up reminder emails for your event.

You have to keep your prospective attendees hooked up to the event date.

With Automizy software, you can automate the communication with your event registrants and save the time that you can spend on managing your event.

Your event registrants will be grateful that you reminded them about your event.

How to Write a Reminder Email for an event

Send plain-text reminder emails

Plain-text emails are usually considered email marketing that doesn’t look like email marketing.

In your event registrants’ inboxes, a plain-text will look exactly like a personal email you’ve sent through your own Gmail account. If that’s not your cup of tea, learn how to send HTML emails from Gmail.

Sending a plain-text reminder email for an event makes your registrants feel that you’re personally interested in meeting them at your event.

Here is a plain-text reminder email template for an event created in Automizy:

plain-text reminder email template

Keep your email short and simple

The objective of an invitation reminder email is to remind your audience about the event. Just reminding.

It is wise to include only details that are relevant to the event in your reminder message. You don’t need to pitch.

Your registrants already know about it, that’s why they registered in the first place.

According to HubSpot, 46 percent of email readers are using mobile devices. And lengthy emails are the enemy of mobile users.

I recommend you place the essential information in the first paragraph of your reminder message.

Use active voice

Use an active voice in your reminder emails to make your sentences flow better and make your emails easier to understand. 

Using an active voice emphasizes the subject of the sentence and makes the sentence more straightforward and concise.

Here is one active and one passive voice sentence that you could use in an invitation reminder emails:

  • Active voice: I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
  • Passive voice: Your attendance is appreciated.

Notice the difference?

Passive voice makes your emails feel like Siri or Alexa has written them. And no one likes robotic emails.

Now let’s go through the key elements to include in your reminder email.

7 Key elements to include in your event reminder email template

1. Your event title and topic

The primary element to include in your reminder message has to be the title of your event.

You can use the event’s title as the title of your email and make sure it’s the first element that’s visible when a reader opens your email.

It doesn’t make sense to write long copy and details when your audience can’t tell it’s a reminder about what.

2. Time & date of the event

The time and date are what you want to remind your event registrants about.

Highlight the time and date in your invitation reminder email and make it clear and visible for your readers.

If you’re sending a webinar email, highlighting the time and date is not enough.

Make sure to include the timezone so everyone tunes in at the right time that matches their timezone.

3. Location of the event

Adding the street/building number is a must, yet, it’s best to embed a Google Maps link in your reminder email to help your participants find the venue easily.

Or you can include a screenshot of the area.

screenshot of the contact area Marseille

Include your phone number in your reminder email in case the participants are on their way and couldn’t find the location.

4. Provide required preparation

Give your registrants heads up on your event and share with them all the details so they come prepared.

Preparation for events can include apps they need to download, networking groups to join, documents to read, housekeeping rules, etc.

If your attendants need to print an access QR code to be able to enter the venue, don’t forget to include it in your reminder email. 

5. Add a thank you note

Nothing can go wrong with showing appreciation to your event registrants.

You can use your event reminder email as a Thank-you email to simply thank your contacts for registering to your event.

Your thank-you note can be just the first sentence you start your reminder email with.

A simple thank-you can impact how your readers interact with your event reminder email. 

6. Additional information

The additional information section of your event reminder email is like a ‘freestyle’ section.

You can use it to share further information about:

  • Venue details (parking, nearby transportation, restaurants, etc)
  • Speakers and agenda
  • Event rules
  • Your social media channels, etc.

7. Include FAQ page

Before participating in any event, registrants want to learn about every important detail related to it.

If you have an FAQ page for your event, it’s good to include it in your reminder email so your prospective attendees have all their concerns answered without the need to make a phone call or writing an email to get an answer.

21 Catchy Event Reminder Subject Lines

Here is a common mistake marketers make when sending event reminder emails.

Marketers spend time writing and designing their emails, and the subject line becomes a 1-minute task.

That should be illegal! 🚓

In event email marketing, your subject line is as important as your email copy and as your event.

The subject line is the first thing your subscribers see in their email inboxes or push notifications. 

This means your event registrants will get to see your subject line before they see your email copy.

To inspire you, here are 21 event reminder email subject lines that you can experiment with.

  1. Don’t miss out {Event Name}
  2. Bring a friend to {Event Name}
  3. Are you joining us tomorrow at {Event Name}?
  4. {Event Name} is selling out!
  5. {Event Name} is around the corner
  6. Largest {Event Type} in {Geographic Location}: {Event Name}
  7. Don’t get lost on {Date} 📍
  8. Hi {Name}, free {Date}? Join us at {Event Name}!
  9. 15% off for you and a friend
  10. Last chance to see {Speaker/Performer} live at {Event Name}!”
  11. Starting tomorrow! {Event Name}
  12. Meet the speakers at {Event Name}!
  13. Are you ready for {Event Name}? 😊
  14. The countdown is on! ⏳
  15. 5 things to bring to {Event Name}
  16. Are you excited about {Event Name}?
  17. {Event Name}, {event date} 🗓
  18. “You don’t want to miss {Event Name}
  19. Reminder, join us at {Event Name}
  20. Mark your calendar for {Event Name}
  21. Grace’s reminder for {Event Name}

3 Tips to Increase Open Rate of Your Event Reminder Emails

Use Subject Line Tester

The Subject Line Tester in Automizy grades your subject lines based on data from top-performing email campaigns.

Test your subject lines before sending them to make sure you only send emails that stand out in a crowded inbox.

Subject Line Tester gif

AB test your event reminder emails subject lines

You might feel optimistic about one event reminder subject line, but that’s only an opinion that might result in a low open rate.

Email software like Automizy helps you get rid of the guesswork out of deciding in a subject line. 

A/B testing your subject lines let you try things out, and the system will pick the top-performing variation.

Ab test showcasing in Automizy

An AB test takes less than 2 minutes to set up, and it results in hundreds and thousands of opened emails.

Resend unopened emails with a different subject line

Unopened emails mean that your subject line didn’t trigger your subscribers’ curiosity.

Set up automatic resend to email non-openers, and resend your invitation reminder email with a different subject line to increase your opens.

Automizy resend gif

Resending unopened emails grants you a second chance to increase your campaigns’ open rate.

Keep in mind that unopened emails mean fewer participants.

Fewer participants = Less revenue.

Best Time to Send Event Reminder Emails

Sending your invitation reminder email at the right time could increase your email open rates and event participants.

An invitation reminder email campaign is NOT one email only. It’s a campaign that should include at least 3 reminder emails.

Here are some general email tips on when to send a reminder email for events.

  • 1st Email reminder: One week before the event.
  • 2nd Email reminder: One day before the event.
  • 3rd Email Reminder: On the day of the event.

Keep in mind to not send reminder emails on Monday when everyone is deleting the emails they’ve received during the weekend.

According to industry best practice, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to send reminder emails for events.

Also, you shouldn’t send emails too early when your subscribers are still sleeping or late at night when they’re enjoying some family time.

10 AM is perfect for office time when everyone is well settled, or around 12 PM when people are checking out of work mode or having lunch.

11 Examples of Event Reminder Email Templates

1. Include the agenda of your event

If you’re running a whole day event, it’s a good idea to include an agenda to help your participants set their expectations for your event. Link to a page of the agenda, if you’d like to keep your email short.

Here is an event reminder email sample that includes the event’s agenda.

event reminder email sample by Tasty Food

2. Include a link that saves the date on Google Calendar

To make sure your audience doesn’t forget about your event, including a link that saves the event date on Google Calendar is recommended.

Highlight the link with a CTA in your reminder email, and your participants will be able to save the event date on their calendar.

Apple reminder email design

3. Include a countdown in your invitation reminder

Using a countdown in your invitation reminder emails creates a sense of urgency for your audience.

Below, an event reminder email sample with a countdown that you can copy for your upcoming reminder emails.

event reminder email sample with a countdown

4. Remind and prepare your participants for your event

For your offline events, it’s best to include the access QR code for your event. 

This email provides the necessary information about the event and shares the QR code, which facilitates the entry to the venue.

QR code event reminder example

5. Invite participants to download your event’s mobile app

Mobile event apps have changed organizations’ perspectives towards event management. 

By facilitating seamless interactions with the audience, these applications have made organizing meetings and conferences easy. 

You can invite your participants to download your event’s app in a similar reminder email sample.

invite your participants to download event’s app in a reminder email sample

6. Notify your participants that your event is live

When you’re holding physical events, your participants are in the room and they can see when the presentation is starting. What about online events?

Your webinar’s audience needs to know when the presentation is starting too.

Send webinar reminder emails to inform your registrants that your webinar is live, and they can join the presentation.

Chimp Essentials webinar reminder email design

7. Thank your event registrants in a reminder email

MLB is known as the world’s most popular Baseball league, and a part of their success is for their reputation of taking care of their customers. 

Well, they sent the following event reminder email for their game with a thank-you note as customer delight and appreciation.

SF Giants event reminder email for their game with a thank-you note as customer delight and appreciation

8. Animate your party reminder email

Event reminder emails are not exclusively for conferences and webinars.

You can send reminder emails for a party too.

And since a party is a less formal occasion, you can be all creative with your party reminder message and make it look fun for your audience.

party reminder email template

9. Include social share links in your reminder message

Event participants love to share the event they’re attending on their social channels to see who in their network is attending the event too.

Include social sharing CTAs in your event reminder message to motivate social media interactions for your event.

Circles event reminder message to motivate social media interactions for their event

10. Include time and location

As you already know, the time and location are among the primary elements to include in your reminder email for events.

“It’s Only a Day Away” the title of the following event reminder email sample highlights the time of the event.

General Assembly event reminder email sample

11. Include Maps link in your email

Including a Google Calendar link in your reminder email helps your participants remember your event. 

And inserting a Google Maps link in your reminder message helps your participants easily find the venue where the event is taking place.

It cuts the struggle of getting lost or arriving late for your event.

Vend event reminder email

Now we’ve seen reminder email samples for events; let’s learn how to set it up and automate the process.

How to set up Event Reminder Emails

An event reminder email campaign is about sending reminder messages to your event registrants.

To set up reminder emails for an event, you’ll need email marketing automation software such as Automizy.

1. Set up your email trigger for your event registrants

Depending on how you manage your email lists, if you have a separate email list for your event registrants, you can trigger your reminder email sequence to contacts on a specific email list.

You can also use your subscribers’ tags to trigger your reminder email automation.

Contact tags trigger emails to subscribers who share specific information in common and send personalized emails.

For example, your contact tag for the example of event reminder email could be “Event Registrant.

Such a tag helps you automate reminder emails to all your event registrants.

2. Add reminder emails to your drip campaign

Your invitation reminder email campaign is a drip campaign that consists of more than one email:

  • 1st Email reminder: One week before the event.
  • 2nd Email reminder: One day before the event.
  • 3rd Email Reminder: On the day of the event.

Let’s see the process in steps.

Now that you know how many emails to send, you have to craft your event reminder emails’ content and set up your event reminder timeline.

You can create your drip reminder email campaign in Automizy’ visual automation campaign builder, and it would look like this:

Make sure that your reminder emails are well-timed, so they reach event registrants’ inboxes at the right time.

Apply “waiting periods” between your reminder emails to make sure your emails are sent correctly in time with your event’s timeline.

Once you have your reminder emails ready, click on “Publish” to start reminding your registrants about your event.

Choose “Yes, pull in old & new contacts” to start sending reminder emails to all your registrants.

It’s pretty easy to create an invitation reminder email sequence but never underestimate it. A well-crafted reminder email can increase the number of event attendees by 40%.

It wouldn’t hurt to help your registrants remember about your event.

Automate your reminder emails in Automizy to make your events a success.


How many times you got invited to a party or dinner or an event, and you forgot about it?

A lot. We all have been there, and the same would happen to your event registrants.

Managing an event costs a lot of your time and money, and you don’t want it all to go to waste.

Send reminder emails for your events and inform your audience about it. 

And don’t forget to automate your emails.

You simply can’t risk forgetting about sending a reminder email on time.

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