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How to Resend Email Campaigns to Non-Openers (Guide + Case Study)

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You can’t make a first impression twice? Nope, it is actually possible with the email campaign “resend” feature. 

It allows you to resend the same email, but with a different subject line to contacts who did not open your first email for a chance to increase your email open rates and email marketing ROI.

Probably you are cautious of unsubscribes, especially in the second email. But email resend to non-openers can’t make your subscribers complain since it is sent only to those who didn’t open the first email.

This means that you are not annoying your contacts, yet, you are making an extra benefit of your email marketing campaigns.

Follow me in this guide where I show you:

List of Things to Consider When Resending Emails

Choose wisely the timing

Your email campaign open rates might be low because you send emails at bad timing.

And definitely, you shouldn’t fall for the same trap when resending your campaign to non-openers.

Here are some general email tips on when to send and resend your emails.

The first and most obvious tip, send emails during daytime (according to contacts’ timezone) when people are awake, not sleeping.

Avoid sending bulk emails on Mondays when everyone is deleting useless emails to have their inboxes ready for the week.

Weekends are already self-explanatory, people are on adventures, pubs, etc. Weekends tend to have low email open rates.

That leaves us with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday which are marketers’ favorite days to send email campaigns.

The best time to send/resend your email campaign is:

  • 6 AM: For the 50% who begin their day with reading emails in bed.
  • 10 AM: Perfect for office time when everyone is well settled.
  • 2 PM: When people are checking out of work mode or looking for distractions, or having lunch.
  • 8 PM: For those who check their emails at the end of the day before going to bed.

Change your subject lines

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. -Albert Einstein 

Do you think resending an email campaign with the same subject line would change anything?

That would be insane.

Einstein being smart GIF

The subject line is the first thing that they are going to see in their inbox. You’d want to make sure it captivates attention.

Try to create a better attention-grabbing subject line for the email you resend to non-openers.

Make sure your new subject lines:

  • Are personalized
  • Generate curiosity
  • Communicate urgency
  • Highlight recent topics
  • Or create a personal connection

Your email content wouldn’t even matter if you don’t get your subscribers to open the email in the first place. Get it right at your second chance.

Don’t resend an email right away

Patience is key here. Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

I mean who would send the same email twice or more in just 24 hours? It could be considered rude and spammy.

Everyone has their own schedule, some contacts didn’t have the time to check your first email during the first 24 or 48 hours.

Usually, 3 days is a good amount of time to resend your email to non-openers. 

293,6 billion is the expected number of sent and received emails per day in 2019. It can be easy to lose an email or completely forget about it because of the workload.

Resending your email campaigns works as a reminder email too, and it could increase your email reach by 54.7 percent.

The lesson here: Re-send your email campaigns to non-openers, but do so in a timely manner.

How to Resend Email Campaign to Non-Openers in Automizy (Mailchimp’s Alternative) 

A lot of people who don’t open your emails the first time. Why? 

Because the subject line doesn’t resonate with them or it didn’t get their attention. 

What if you could send them the same email with another subject line the next day? 1 or even 2 times? Yes, it might increase the open rate of your email campaign.

Let’s see how it’s done.

Resend newsletter email campaigns

In Automizy (Mailchimp’s Alternative) you can resend the same newsletter to non-openers with another subject line after a number of days that you define. 

Check the “Resend to non-openers” box.

Select the number of resends, whether you want to resend email once or twice.

Increasing your email open rates won’t take you longer than 3 clicks. Don’t leave revenue on the table and leave. Try it out and see how it actually works for your email list.

Automate resending emails to non-openers 

In Automizy’s email automation software, you can create personalized and automated email workflows that can be triggered when a contact:

  • Is added to an email list
  • Submits a registration form on your website
  • Clicks a link in an email, or
  • Gets a tag.

Choose your triggers and select when you want to send your email.

Triggers allow you to start email automation and apply actions to your subscribers.

After setting up your trigger, create your automated email workflow.

Email marketing automation allows you to send personalized email messages on autopilot.

Important: Apply a “wait period” before you set your email open condition.

Give your contacts some time to interact with your email. It will also help you to be more accurate to whom you resend your email.

"wait for" automizy resend campaign box

After the waiting period, apply the condition “Has opened an email” and split your automation for the two branches, “Yes” branch and “No” branch.

If contact condition in Automizy resend automation

Users go on the “Yes” branch if they’ve opened the first email. In this branch, contacts receive an email with further information.

If the users opened the mail, condition in Automizy

Contacts who did not open the first email, receive a follow-up email with a different subject line.

You can send more than one follow-up email, but don’t forget to apply “Wait periods” between your emails. 

You don’t want to end up sending all the 3 or 4 emails in the first 24 hours.

Analyze your subject lines

Want more email open rates? Fix that using free email subject line analyzer from Automizy

In Automizy, once you tick the “Resend to non-openers” a new subject line box will appear, enter your new email subject line.

Resend to non-openers with new subject line

This feature comes with an AI-powered subject line tester that will help you write the better subject lines that could:

If you click on “Improve subject line” Automizy will immediately score your subject line’s effectiveness and display the result like the following example.

Subject line tested in Automizy

Click on “Test a new one” to test multiple email subject line ideas, and choose the one that scores the highest.

Will you let your email newsletters get lost in your subscribers’ inbox? Not anymore 😉

Same feature us provided for resending an email in your automated email sequence.

send email with a tested subject line in Automizy

BONUS TIP: Don’t be afraid of using emojis in your email marketing. When used well, emojis are proven to increase your opens.

Here is an example of how you can add emojis to your email subject line using Automizy.

Automizy’s Resending Email Case Study

When we send out a newsletter to our 5000+ email subscribers. We resend the email to no-openers after 3 days with a different subject line. 

It takes about 1 min of work which results in a 10%+ open rate increase.

Here is a real-life example of an email campaign for our blog post release Email Marketing Tips of an SEO Professional, in which we used the resend trick to increase the open rate by 6%.

The first subject line we sent is:

1.  💌 Hey {{firstname}}, The best SEO consultant in the country shares his Email Marketing Tips

Three days later, we resent the same email with a different email subject line:

2. {{firstname}}, increase the engagement rates of your emails with these simple tips 🚀

The third and last email sent with another different subject line:

3. 🤗 5 simple tips to develop a better relationship with your subscribers

The point is, tweaking your email subject line does influence the performance of your email campaign and open rates.

Here is another email campaign we sent to drive traffic to our 31 Product Launch Announcement Email Examples article.

The original subject line we used for the first email campaign:

1. 🚀 {{firstname}}, are you planning a launch?

Two days after the original campaign, we did set up a resend email for non-openers with this email subject line:

2. 🚀 {{firstname}}, launch into 2019 with 31 product announcement email examples

The second email subject line increased the open rate of the campaign by 10%.

Automizy‘s email gurus used the resending feature and were convinced that it could increase your email open rates.

The best part is, nothing could go wrong when using it.

Resending Email Cases

Besides resending your email campaigns and automated emails, there are further cases in which resending email can come handy.

Resending email for follow up

Most sales managers send reminder emails seeking responses for the cold emails they fire.

You can follow up your first email with this simple follow up email template:

 I’m writing to follow up on my email. I didn’t hear back from anyone on the team. If it makes sense to talk, let me know how your calendar looks.
 If not, who is the appropriate person for me to talk to?
 Thanks for your help,

A simple organic-like resend-follow email can increase your email responses and sales performance. Don’t leave it behind.

Always pay attention to:

  • Follow up frequency
  • The number of follow up emails

Resending email for a reminder

Resending reminder emails can be great practice for event emails or webinar emails.

Follow up on your original email campaign with a resend reminder email. Make sure your new subject line:

  • Include the word REMINDER. It’s transparent and clear.
  • Include the name of the event—and the name of the featured guest—if applicable.

This reminder email from the General Assembly. The message includes all the information that a registrant needs. It works great as a reminder email.

"It's only a day away" General Assembly Resending email example

Resending email with a correction

That tiny heartbreak you get when you send an email with a broken/wrong link or forgot to include an element in the email.

Oh, just thinking about it got me anxious.

In this case, sending a correction email is a must.

Start by identifying what went wrong, and what went wrong in your first email. It can be a typo mistake, broken link, wrong CTA button, website down, etc.

It’s also reasonable to send a correction email with a discount to make it up to your contacts like Bumble and bumble does here:

correction email by Bumble and Bumble

Having an oops email moment isn’t the end of the world – damage control is a part of managing a business. Resending correction emails can help you fix it.

Segment your email openers and non-openers

Automizy provides you with the ability to see the list of contacts who received or/and opened your campaigns. 

You can have an idea on who Opened/Not opened or Received/Not received a specific email campaign.

All contacts in Automizy filtering

This feature helps send targeted email campaigns to your subscribers based on how they interact with your previous campaigns.


Resending unopened emails provides more business opportunities for you, not claiming it is definitely considered leaving money on the table.

Start resending your unopened emails now and stretch your email open rates to its greatest potential.

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