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13 Order Confirmation Email Template & Subject Line Examples

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13 Order Confirmation Email Template & Subject Line Examples Automizy featured image of blog post

It’s unnegotiable that every e-commerce store and online business must send order confirmation emails.


After placing an order, customers hold a lot of thoughts on whether their order is through or not, if payment is accepted, when to expect the product, is there going to be a next step?

Sending order confirmation emails helps you reassure your customers and ease their concerns. It improves the overall experience of your business.

So how do you write an order confirmation email that reassures your customers and gets them to come back and buy from you?

You’re at the right place. In this guide, you’ll learn:

What is an Order Confirmation Email?

An order confirmation email is a transactional email letting customers know that their order has been received and processed.

Order confirmation emails are triggered to be sent immediately after purchase to clear the confusion and remorse feeling that comes with online shopping.

Buying something online and not receiving an order confirmation email feels like a nightmare ?.

You might have reactions.

“Wait a sec! Did my order go through? When will my product be shipped? OMG am I scammed?”

You definitely don’t want your customers to have such thoughts when buying from you.

Confirmation emails clear all the blurr and reduce the post-order anxiety that most customers experience when shopping online.

Since it is an expected email, order confirmation emails are sitting on the crown of email open rates with 70%.

How to Write a Confirmation Email

Order confirmation email design is different from a business to another.

The structure of an order confirmation email is not something universal that everyone must follow. It has a sort of freedom to it so you can be creative with your email.

Yet, there is must-include information that makes your customers trust you from the first purchase.

To help you remove buyer’s remorse, here is an order confirmation email format.

Order Confirmation Email Format— What to include in your email design

Greet your buyer: Just like when someone buys from a real store, you should show gratitude to make them feel welcomed. It could be as simple as “Thanks for shopping with us, hope to see you again.” Same applies for your order emails, welcome your customers and express your happiness. 

Information: This part is the most important to give your customers that feeling of relief when receiving an order   email. Here is some information to include:

  • Product information and order number
  • Price, invoice and payment method
  • Shipping address
  • Order tracking code / Delivery date
  • Customer care contact

The freestyle: I call the last part of order confirmation emails the freestyle because each business does it differently. You can skip it to keep your email design simple or use it to:

  • Promote a referral program
  • Invite customers to your social media channels
  • Include a targeted email content
  • Upsell and recommend related products, etc.

To see this order confirmation email format in action, here are 17 of the best order confirmation email template examples.

13 Order Confirmation Email Template Examples—You’ll want to  steal design ideas for your order confirmation email 

1. Confirm that order is received email template

E-commerce confirmation emails are an element that defines the success of literally every online store.

64% of customers consider order confirmation emails are the most valuable emails of their inbox.

Let your customer know that their order is received with a similar order confirmation email template that follows the latest best practices. 

Here is an e-commerce confirmation letter for purchase.

Tens e-commerce confirmation letter example

2. Acknowledgment customers’ orders

An order acknowledgment email is a way of saying to your customer “I have received your order, I will handle it carefully until it is delivered at your doorstep.”

With the subject line: “It’s official! Your Fitbit order has been placed”, Fitbit acknowledges customers’ order with the following order confirmation email sample.

Fitbit confirmation email sample

3. Confirm customer payment

Confirming order and confirming payment are two separate things.

Order confirmation emails are used to inform your customer that the order is through. Yet, customer payment emails are to inform that payment is done successfully and you’ve charged money.

Here is a simple and efficient customer payment confirmation email sample.

Simplecast customer payment confirmation email sample

4. Send thank-you emails after each customer purchase

Use your order confirmation letters as thank you emails to express your gratitude to your customers and make them feel special.

Reward your customers with discounts on next order after they finish a purchase, it does increase your customers’ life cycle.

Jet's thank you email template

It could be something simple as thank you for order and provide order details.

5. Inform about shipping details confirmation email(s) (template)

Your order confirmation is made of more than one email. You could use the first couple to confirm payment and order. 

And send a separate shipping confirmation email when product is shipped to your customer.

Here is a shipping confirmation email template from Fitbit 

Fitbit shipping confirmation email design

6. Update customers with their order status

To have a better relationship with your customers, communicate with them during the period between when they placed an order and the delivery date. 

Send a similar order status email sample to update customers about their order and reassure them about their purchase.

Postable order status update email template

7. Follow up your customer to receive feedback

In the sales funnel after the sale, comes the loyalty stage. And to learn whether a customer would be loyal to you or not is to understand his satisfaction level.

Send a similar follow-up order confirmation email sample to find out if your customers enjoyed the experience with your business or not.

Taylor Stitch follow-up order confirmation email sample

It also shows that you care about your customers. They’ll appreciate it.

8. Cross-Sell – Upsell products in order confirmation emails

Cross-sell is promoting products that are complementary to the ordered product. For example, promoting a phone case in an order confirmation email of an iPhone,

Upselling is promoting Airpods in an order confirmation email of normal Apple earphones.

Cross-sell and upsell your products before shipping to motivate customers’ action.

“Your next box ships on 11/30. Toss more in?”

That has a sense of urgency in it.

Include personalized recommendations under the purchased products to increase the CTR of your cross-sell and upsell order confirmation emails.

Dollar Shave Club cross-sell and upsell order confirmation email example

9. Include a receipt in your order confirmation email

The customer who’s buying from you can be an employee of a certain company and s/he’s making a purchase for the workplace. 

Such a customer is requested to provide a receipt or an invoice to include in a financial report.

Providing an order receipt would satisfy the different needs and requirements of every customer you acquire. 

Here is an order receipt email example to learn from.

Niice order receipt email example

10. Send event confirmation email to your attendees

Confirmation emails are not uniquely for e-commerce.

If you’re running an event invitation email campaign, you’re required to send confirm event confirmation emails. 

This way your event attendees understand that they successfully booked a seat for the event.

Paperless event confirmation email sample

Event confirmation emails could be used as webinar confirmation emails within your webinar email campaigns

A webinar is still an event, it’s only taking place online that’s it.

You could use event confirmation emails as a party confirmation message and booking confirmation.

11. Etsy order confirmation email

This is wonderful shipping and tracking Etsy order confirmation email. It includes helpful information such as a map and a visual reminder of what you’ve ordered.

Etsy order confirmation email example

12. Amazon order confirmation email (example)

Learning from the giant of eCommerce? Why not.

Amazon tends to keep their order confirmation simple and efficient. Let’s say they communicate why matters the most for their customers:

  • Product details
  • Delivery date
  • Price

To keep their emails short, Amazon does include further order details on a separate page on their website.

Here is an Amazon order confirmation email example.

Amazon order confirmation email design

13. Promote a referral program

Referrals are one way to increase your customer base.

And during the era of influencer marketing, your customer might have 10K followers on Instagram. Leverage these micro-influencers in your customer base. He or she could use a good referral program to earn cash or discounts.

Like the following example, include customer referral link in your order confirmation emails. 

Tradesy customer referral link in order confirmation email template

As you’ve seen in the examples, order confirmation emails are more than a single email you trigger on a customer order.

What is an order confirmation email series

An order confirmation email series is a triggered email autoresponder that distributes emails in a pre-determined sequence at pre-determined intervals.

An order confirmation email series may include:

1st email: Order receive email/thank-you email

2nd email: Confirm customer payment

3rd email: Product is shipped email

4th email: Expected delivery date 

5th email: Customer feedback email

6th email: Referral email

You’ll need to breakdown your order confirmation campaign to more than one email, to communicate with your customer during the whole buying process.

From placing the product to the delivery and after.

Let’s see how to automate your order confirmation email series to save your time and send order confirmation emails that satisfy and retains your customers.

How to Send Automated Order Confirmation Emails to Your Customer

You will need to register to email marketing automation software, that would allow you to easily set up your automated order confirmation emails.

Here a step-by-step process on how to automate your order confirmation emails in Automizy.

You will be automating order confirmation emails to contacts who successfully place an order on your website.

Automizy does integrate with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify through its integration with Zapier.

Automizy Shopify integration

In a matter of minutes and without a single line of code, Zapier allows you to connect Automizy and Shopify.

Set up your automated order confirmation email trigger by selecting “New customer” tag in Automizy:

Setting up an automated order confirmation email trigger by selecting “New customer” tag in Automizy GIF

You can create personalized and automated order confirmation emails that can get triggered whenever a new customer places an order.

Here is a list of tags that you can use on Automizy to trigger order confirmation emails:

New customer: Triggers when a new customer is added to your Shopify account.

New order: Triggers when a new purchase is made (only open orders) (with line item support).

New paid order: Triggers whenever a new purchase is “paid”. You can choose a different order status like pending or refunded (with line item support).

Updated order: Triggers when an order is updated (with line item support).

Update customer: Updates an existing customer. Replaces only data that is set.

Update product: Updates an existing product. Replaces only data that is set.

You checkout processor page sends automatically your Custom Fields data that allows you to create personalized order confirmation emails.

Your order confirmation email is made of more than one email. Make your order email series an email drip campaign. It allows you to communicate more information based on a timeline.

order confirmation email drip campaign in Automizy

Let’s see how to create an advanced complete automated confirmation email campaign.

With contact tagging, you’ll be able to automate your order follow-up emails.

Contact Tagging to be able to automate order follow-up emails in Automizy

Your follow-up emails could include: 

  • Shipping information
  • Payment confirmation
  • Product updates, etc.

Now you’ve seen how to create your order confirmation emails to customers, here is a list of order confirmation email subject line to help you maximize your email open rates.

10 Inspiring Order Confirmation Email Subject Line Examples 

A good subject line is what gets your contacts to open your email.

To help you with that.

Here are 10 order confirmation email subject line examples.

  1. “Thank you for your order”
  2. “Your (Brand Name) Order Confirmation (#98765)”
  3. “Order Received – (Brand Name) Order #12192”
  4. “[title_replaced title=”Great news! We’ve got your order #12345”
  5. “Your (Brand Name) order has been received (#12345)”
  6. “Your next box ship on (date)”]
  7. “Your order is on its way “
  8. “Great news! We’ve got your order #12345”
  9. “Your order is being processed”
  10. “We’ve got your order”

Businesses started using emojis in email subject lines to save some letters, keep subject lines short, and stand out of the crowd. 

Don’t hesitate to increase your email open rates with emojis and subject line personalization.

Setting up an email subject line in Automizy

Animate your order confirmation email subject lines with emojis to be noticeable.

After you have composed your subject line, test it with our free tool, The Subject Line Tester to see which would perform better. It scores your subject lines based on data from over 1 million campaigns.

The tool also provides subject line templates you can use to increase your email open rates.

Even the most seasoned email marketer doesn’t have that kind of experience.


Send order confirmation as a beginning of the post-purchase customer journey. It’s what makes your customers stick around and come back to buy from you.

You have all the tips in your backpack now, create order confirmation emails that are informative, useful, helpful, and motivate customer feedback. 

Are using some cool crafts that we did not include here? Share it with us to get your order confirmation featured.

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